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 "Discover Behind-The-Scenes Sales Secrets for Generating More Profits From Your Webpages and Emails!"

From: Bob Bastian & Diane Hughes


Dear Fellow Internet Entrepreneur,

Have you ever wondered why you don't make as many sales as you'd like to?

You could have the best product in the world but if you can't effectively get people to read what your product is about - YOU WILL NEVER make the kind of sales that you want!

"Killer Copy" is the life blood of what you promote.

  • Without killer copy your traffic-driving lead generation ads and emails won’t drive the traffic you need to your site.
  • Without killer copy your web site doesn’t have a chance at selling the few visitors that DO come!
  • And without killer copy the serious joint venture “players” that you could do deals with just flat-out avoid you!

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "you're only one successful sales letter away from millions" or "learning how to write a great sales letter is the easiest way to make millions".

There's a good reason why these cliches are everywhere, a good sales letters can sell a product like gangbusters!

On the internet -- words sell. Not pictures. Not fancy graphics or flash presentation.


Look at the people making great money selling online ... they write strong copy that hypnotizes you to read every word, and whip out your credit card.

The problem is, most people don't know how to put down the right words ... in the right order. And until you do, chances are you won't make any money online.

That's unless you have the budget to spend thousands of dollars on a professional copywriter. Do you?

Let me be 100% honest with you... I didn't make any money ... in any kind of marketing ... until, I learnt to copywrite. It's as simple as that.

By now you're probably wondering...

"How do *I* write in such a way that'll make people feel they can't go another minute without my product? What makes them scurry for their wallets and jump feet first into the order button?"

Well, it's all revealed in...

Web Copywriting Made Easy!

How to generate more profits from your websites and email messages...

I'm not exaggerating here. You're going to learn EXACTLY what myself and other "gurus" do in order to create sales letters that produce incredible results. And you won't have to pay the $500 fee that seminar attendees pay to hear these secrets.

I'm already taking heat from some "web marketing gurus" for revealing this information here. But you know what? I don't care!

Their secrets have been hidden long enough and in my opinion it is about time that someone actually showed *you* the exact steps to create killer sales letters that makes mega-bucks... like the ones those gurus are using to build their online empires every passing day.

Without further ado, here's what included in this package...

SECTION 1: How To Write Killer Web Copy

Module #1: 10 Steps To Killer Web Copy

Introducing Alex Mandossian ...

Perhaps you haven't heard of Alex. He's not one of those internet 'celebrities' (yet). When actually he's probably a lot more qualified than many to be considered a marketing guru.

Here's why...

Over the past twelve years, Alex has made him and his clients over $184 million in sales. Yes, you read that right!

He's the marketing consultant many internet experts consult with.

And I'm sure it wouldn't surprise you that Alex's time doesn't come cheap. As I write this he charges $300 an hour for consulting and coaching.

Get $600 Worth Of Coaching From Alex Mandossian ...

Louis Allport recently spent two hours on the phone with Alex, and for the first time ever he revealed something he hasn't revealed anywhere publicly before:

His 10-step simple and proven formula for writing web copy that really sells.

It's one of the most straight forward, clearly explained, and simple to follow systems I've ever seen for writing copy that is proven to work.

Here is just a taster of what Alex reveals ...

  • How to easily start an online business for less than $200, and most importantly -- how to do it the RIGHT way.

  • How you can use the "Isolation Factor" to make a pile of money.

  • Why "Clicks & Bricks" marketing is the easy path to huge profits.

  • Discover how Alex instantly stands out from all his competition ... and how you can too.

  • Discover how Alex made $30,000 in one month from a simple two page web site, with only around 125 visitors a day! Perhaps that sounds impossible ... but Alex reveals exactly how he did it.

  • How to turn 50 ebooks you're having trouble selling, into an irresistible offer.

  • Confuse the reader and you might as well flush your money down the toilet. Discover how to easily avoid this.

  • How to easily make more money from 40% of all your visitors with only a few minutes work.

  • Why competing with yourself may be one of the most lucrative things you ever do online. Sound silly? Well read this interview to discover how big name online marketers are doing it, and making serious money in the process. This really is one of those hidden secrets people don't talk about.

  • How to make your web page a 'greased chute' that slides your visitor right down to the order page.

  • Discover the "P.R.S. Formula" to make a ton more sales.

  • Why the best copywriting examples in the world come to you every day in your local paper (this will really surprise you).

  • Why being creative will lose you money.

  • How to quickly and easily write 80% of your copy.

  • How to write an FAQ (and why it's so, so important)

  • Discover how to write a "Consumption Matrix" to boost your profits. Hardly anyone is doing this at the moment ...

  • Discover the two types of benefit bullets you must know how to write.

  • Do you know the four "power words" to use in your product titles?

  • Offer the wrong bonuses, and you'll lose sales. Find out how to avoid this.

  • Why Alex is happy to give away $15 to customers. (It actually makes him $1,800)

  • How to make money from customers that ask for a refund.

  • How to get testimonials from online celebrities (however busy they are).

  • How to get Jay Abraham to write a testimonial for you. (No, this isn't a joke.)

  • Why your order page is the most important page on your web site, and how to write it for maximum impact.

The Reviews Are In ...

Just before releasing this eBook, I sent out copies to online marketers I knew for honest reviews. Well, I'm happy to say the feedback was very positive. Have a read:

"10 Steps To Killer Web Copy is an absolute gold mine of information. It's money in the bank for everyone who applies the wealth of tips revealed.

Alex unveils it all from bonuses, upselling, headlines, bullets, how, where, when and why in easy to follow common sense steps.

All I can say is if you want to increase your sales conversion rate and therefore your profits then you must get this book, read it and apply the simple principles outlined within."

- Allan Wilson

"Writing great sales copy is key to the overall success of your online business. If you can't capture your visitors interest, you could be giving away $100 bills, but no-one will care.

'10 Steps To Killer Web Copy' is a superb introduction to writing great sales copy and provides one of the best nuts and bolts overviews I've ever seen.

Once you own this eBook, your visitor's wallets will never be safe again!"

- Neil Shearing

"I didn’t know how a person could possibly make a six figure income from a web site that gets then 200 visitors a day but Alex shares it all in this interview.

If I had paid 5 times the price for this in-depth interview I would think it’s worth every penny. At the price you offer it for it’s an absolute steal.

I thought I knew a lot about on line advertising but Alex’s insight about taking off line techniques on line has opened my eyes. Alex pointed out a HUGE mistake I’m making on my site that I estimate has cost me thousands of dollars in lost sales. I only wish I'd had this insight sooner.

- George Chapin

"The section that starts on page 23, about 'spying' on your opposition is brilliant...

Using 'spying' to acquire knowledge, to acquire know-how, and the way it allows you to work on 10 projects at the same time, and avoid making massive mistakes ... as well as how to use other people's key benefits and methods, then add 20% - 30% of your own ideas and creativity is just brilliant.

And, obviously, it's a HUGE timesaver. And that's before we even get into the 10-step formula :)"

- Phil Wiley

"Alex Mandossian is the real deal. He walks his talk.

In your interview, he lays out exactly how to write a killer sales letter -- examples and all. I was most impressed with the little known psychological and motivational techniques Alex shares.

Without a good sales presentation, you can't sell even the best and most wanted product... so this information is without question -- invaluable."

- Mark Idzik

Module #2: Web Copy Secrets Revealed + Worksheet

This ebook covers almost every aspect of your web sales letter creation, from  researching to split testing. Also Included: A "cheat sheet" that'll help you to research your competitors, find your unique selling proposition, etc.

Check out the table of contents:


  • Tip 1 - Research The Frustrations And Problems Of Your Prospects

  • Tip 2 - Research Your Competition

  • Tip 3 - Make A List Of Features And Benefits

  • Tip 4 - Create Your Own Unique Selling Proposition

  • Tip 5 - Make A List Of Reasons Why Your Prospect Won't Buy


  • Tip 6 - Create A Swipe File

  • Tip 7 - Use Specific Benefits, Not General Ones

  • Tip 8 - Concentrate On Writing An Attention Grabbing And Interest Building Headline

  • Tip 9 - Use Design Techniques To Add Extra Impact To Your Headline

  • Tip 10 - Create a Killer Opening Paragraph

  • Tip 11 - Use A Proven Sales Copy Formula

  • Tip 12 - Use Winning Sub-Headlines

  • Tip 13 - Sell To Your Prospect's Emotional Side

  • Tip 14 - Write In A Conversational Tone

  • Tip 15 - Make Sure Your Prospects Can Understand What You're Saying

  • Tip 16 - Put Passion Into Your Copy

  • Tip 17 - Include Bullet Points

  • Tip 18 - Use Bonuses To Make An Offer They Can't Refuse

  • Tip 19 - Use A Deadline to Create Urgency

  • Tip 20 - Offer A Reason Why

  • Tip 21 - Guarantee Satisfaction

  • Tip 22 - Ask For The Sale And Tell Your Prospect How To Order

  • Tip 23 - Make Full Use Of The PS.

  • Tip 24 - Create A Secondary Response Mechanism To Follow Up With Your Prospects


  • Tip 25 - Use Testimonials

  • Tip 26 - Use Newspaper And Magazine Articles

  • Tip 27 - Include Pictures That Boost Your Credibility And Believability Even More

  • Tip 28 - Quote Research That Supports Your Claims

  • Tip 29 - Use The Endorsement Of A Someone Well Respected By Your Target Market

  • Tip 30 - Use Product Or Service Comparisons Done By Independent Firms

  • Tip 31 - Create A Visually Appealing Website That Supports A Professional Image

  • Tip 32 - Brainstorm And Think Of Anything Else That Might Boost Your Credibility


  • Tip 33 - Keep Your Color Scheme Clean

  • Tip 34 - Avoid Links And Banners That Drive Traffic Away From Your Offer

  • Tip 35 - Avoid Distracting Graphics And Animation

  • Tip 36 - Use Short Words, Short Sentences and Short Paragraphs

  • Tip 37 - Use The Right Font Type And Size

  • Tip 38 - Use The Right Font Format

  • Tip 39 - Minimize The Download Time


  • Tip 40 - Proof Read Your Work And Invite Comments

  • Tip 41 - Split Test Your Web Page

Module #3: How to Create Profit-Producing Sales Letters by Getting Inside Your Customer's Head!

Find out, once and for all, why most sites FAIL to make any profits... and, how YOU can join the 'select few' who are making serious cash everyday!

You will also discover:

  • How to Supercharge Your Sales letter by Making a Few Simple Changes...

  • The Most Powerful Way to Influence Your Customers...

  • How to Triple Your Sales By Turning Objections and Flaws into Powerful Benefits!

  • ...and much more!

It's your sales letter that makes the difference between zero profits and thousands of dollars per month! Without a powerful sales letter, you won't be able to sell anything! And with the right sales letter, you can sell virtually anything you want!

Get this powerful report now and turn your web site into a profit-pulling powerhouse!


Module #4: The Incredible Power of Frame-of-Mind Marketing™: How to Convert Your Online Prospects into Customers

This groundbreaking ebook is authored by Maria Veloso, Internet strategist, online marketing consultant/coach, web copywriting specialist, and one of the most sought-after specialists of web traffic conversion in the industry.

The innovative frame-of-mind marketing™ concept is part marketing psychology, part empirical wisdom, part common sense, and part "marketing alchemy" -- the science of turning ideas into gold. It will enable you to convert 15%, 25% -- even 50% -- of your online prospects into customers by showing you the simple, often overlooked method of communicating on the Web.

This is astonishing information you'd never be able to get elsewhere. This little ebook (27 power-packed pages in 4 quick-read chapters) is guaranteed to be unlike any you've seen and read before.

Module #5: Cybertalk That Sells!

CyberTalk That Sells it's the ultimate source of words, phrases, banners and buzzwords for selling your products, services and ideas through the new digital and interactive media!

Discover tips and tricks about how to use two powerful online marketing factors that can make you rich without worrying about your product or market.


SECTION 2: Copywriter's Swipe Files & Templates

Module #1: Web Sales Letters Supreme

How much do you want to succeed online? What difference would it make to your life to know that you had the skill to sell any worthwhile product on the Internet?

Despite what you've read, the 3 keys to Internet success are NOT "traffic, traffic and traffic." They're NOT even "targeted traffic, targeted traffic and targeted traffic.

The ONE key to mining the Internet gold mine is "targeted traffic converted to sales."

Whether you have a 500 page content rich site or a stripped down to the barest essentials minisite, what you need is a web sales letter that *makes the sale*

If you can talk, you can write a web sales letter. You don't have to know any secret ways of putting words together -- just keep them one after the other :)

The trick to learning how to write web sales letters as anything else is to learn the *structure*

That's what this book teaches you -- the pieces of web sales letters plus the principles that make them work.

As you'll see, a lot is common sense. Not rocket science or brain surgery.

You learn by example - taught by many of the greatest web copywriters online today.

  • Jonathan Mizel

  • Yanik Silver

  • Terry Dean

  • Declan Dunn

  • Dr. Ken Evoy

  • Mark Joyner

  • Jimmy D. Brown

  • Collin Almeida

  • Neil Shearing

  • Phil Wiley

  • ...and more!

In Web Sales Letters Supreme you get:

  • Easy to understand explanations of the 8 main parts of a web sales letter supreme. Once you know the structure, you can piece together an acceptable letter.

  • The psychological principles you use to convince your prospects they MUST BUY your product

  • The 3 Ps that are the foundation of a successful web sales letter. You must understand these before you start thinking about the mechanical parts of a web sales letter. They're not hard, and they're basic.

  • 11 more examples of great web sales letters to visit online

  • An entire chapter of tips on how to format your web sales letters. When I put up my first web sales letter I made a basic typography error because of what I knew about offline printing. You can avoid repeating that mistake and others that I and others have made.

  • A web copywriting resource site

Module #2: 850 Word and Phrases That Sells!

People don't spend the time to read everything they see, so you have to grab their attention and grab it fast! How can you do this?

It's simple. Use a few compelling words in your title that will play on their emotions.

If you are selling weight loss pills, you don't want to say: Lose weight with this pill.

You could say: Proven weight lose pill - Guaranteed!

Both titles say the same thing but the second one tells the reader it's proven and guaranteed to make them lose weight. It shows the read that others have done it and that you stand behind it with the guarantee.

Now that you have their attention, you need to keep it in order to make the sale.

Keeping their attention is just as easy. Place a few extra words to play on their emotions letting them know how great your product is, how much benefit they will get from it. You don't want to fill your literature with this information but if you can use one, then do it! You will also want to make these words bold so they stand out for the readers that just scan.

I know it's hard to imagine but a few words will make a difference!

What you are about to discover, is 850 words & phrases that will make the difference in your sales, downloads and subscriptions.

Module #3: Magnetic Sales Letters

A swipe file is a copywriter's best friend. It's a collection of proven, successful sales letters that you can use to model. When you have a swipe file, writer's blocks become a foggy memory because you can just look at other sales letters as a model.

Sales letters included:

"The Million Dollar Bill Sales Letter"
Sales letter for "Instant Publisher Business-In-A-Box

"This New Business-In-A-Box Can Earn You Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars"
Sales letter for "Direct Mail Bootcamp Business-In-A-Box

"Hot, Qualified Leads That Will Blow The Lid Off Your Sales And Profits!"
Sales letter for "New Business Power Marketing" Reprint Rights

"Here's The Quickest & Easiest Way For You To Succeed In Mail Order"
Sales letter for "Mail Order Business-In-A-Box

"How To Avoid The Pain & Discomfort Of Product Development"
Sales letter for "OBE Reprint Rights Package

"How To Cash-In On the Booming Demand For CD-ROMs"
Sales letter for "Business 6-Pack" CD-ROM Reprint Rights

"Here's A Rare Opportunity For You To Own & Cash-In On Group M's Million Dollar, 'Hyper-Responsive' Mailing List Of HOT Proven Buyers!"
Sales letter for "Group M's Mailing List

"Double Your Direct Marketing Profits --100 Guaranteed!"
Lead-generating postcard for "Maximum Profit Direct Marketing

"How To Win Tons Of New Customers, Get Them To Buy More Often, Increase The Dollar Amount Of Every Sale, And Double Your Profits In Record Time!"
Sales letter for Maximum Profit Direct Marketing Course

"How To Master The Art-And-Science Of Writing Ads & Sales Letters That Work!"
Sales letter for Advertising Magic Course

"How To Increase Your Sales & Profits With Direct Mail"
Lead-generating postcard for "Direct Mail Bootcamp"

"I Was Held Hostage For 4 Days By The Sharpest Minds In Direct Mail"
Sales letter for "Direct Mail Bootcamp" Course

How To Make A Fortune Selling "How-To" Information By Mail . . .
Sales letter for "Instant Publisher CD"

750 How-To Books, Reports and Manuals You Can Reprint And Sell ...All On A Single CD-ROM!!!
Press release for "Instant Publisher CD"

"How You Can Create A Hot Selling Information Product On Any Subject Almost Instantly...In Just 2 to 4 Hours!"
Sales letter for "How To Create Your Own Information Products”

"How To Turn All Your Ads And Sales Letters Into Powerful Cash Generators - GUARANTEED"
Sales letter for "Direct Marketing Hotseat"

"How To Obtain Premiums, Giveaways & Promotional Merchandise At Discounts So Huge & Prices So Cheap You'll Feel Like You're Stealing!"
Sales letter for "Promotional Merchandise & Close-Outs" Manual

"301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques, & Secrets"
Sales letter for "301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques & Secrets" Book

Gary Halbert's famous "Coat of Arms" sales letter
(Produced Over 7 Million Cash With Order Replies)

"Internet Profits: Build Your Business on the Internet!"
Lead-generating ad for "Web Sites"

"How To Get Your Very Own Web Site On The Internet (Professionally Designed And Everything) For Less Than $2 A Day"
Sales letter for "Web Sites"

"Here's How You Can Promote Virtually Any Business, Product, Or Service On The Internet!"
Sales letter for "Online Marketing Power Pack" Course

"For People Who Want To Make Serious Money While Spending Little To NO MONEY Of Their Own...
Sales letter for "How to Get One Million Dollars Worth of FREE ADVERTISING"

"Amazing Secret Electronic Money-Making Goldmine Revealed!"
Sales Letter for "How To Get Rich With Buy-Low/Sell-High Internet Auctions..."

"Don't Risk Another Dime On Ineffective Marketing."
Sales letter for “How To Write Million Dollar Ads, Sales Letters, And Web Marketing Pieces"

Question: What's The Key Secret To Increasing Your Sales & Profits By As Much as 917%?
Sales letter for "Maximum Profit Copywriting Clinic"

Module #4: 92 Hypnotic Sales Letter Templates

Learn the concept of a Hypnotic Sales Letter from Larry Dotson and Joe Vitale with these 92 fill-in-the-blank sales letter templates. Just add your product information and...BAM! You've just written a hypnotic sales letter in a few minutes!


SECTION 3: How To Craft Order-Pulling Emails

Module #1: Carefully Crafted Sales Emails VIDEO

See first hand how professional sales copy is written and start making the sales you deserve!

This step by step Instruction video is created by David Vallieres, a professional Marketer who makes his entire living through writing sales copy that gets the sale. Dave is widely known on the Internet for his ability to teach "little known ways to make money online" just do search for David Vallieres on Google and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Dave showed me that his number ONE 'sales generating' secret is "SALES COPY" in other words "How and what you say in your sales messages either in emails or on a website"

Using Techsmith's Camtasia Desktop Video Recording technology he was able to save the entire coaching session on video for quick and easy viewing.

Here are some killer techniques that you'll learn from the 60+ minutes video:

  • How to pull people into your message with a simple question!

  • How to build a 'curiosity factor' into your sales message so people keep reading! (very important)

  • Why it's more effective to use specifics instead of generality and how to do it with step-by-step examples!

  • How to close your sales message so people will buy immediately!

  • And many more details that you'll want to know to start generating sales like never before!

After watching the video, I was blown away and I became a believer that the number ONE most important thing you could ever learn In Internet marketing whether it's in Email marketing, Ebay marketing, or website marketing is.... effective writing!

"Just to let you know, I already purchased your Video. I've only been able to watch the first video, but from what I've seen so far, I think the videos are very impressive! I'm convinced that the videos will certainly help me write more convincing sales messages" - Joe Chengery III

"As someone who has been trying for the longest time to make money on the Internet I now see the mistakes I've been making in trying to write in an effective way to make people buy. Your Video tutorials have hit the nail on the head and I'm applying the techniques to my current advertising efforts. I'll let you know how it goes Thanks again" - N Langston

"I just bought that video you did with the guy where you showed him how to compose the sales letter. It was fantastic, really educational and, at least for me, a bargain." - Matt Daniels

Module #2: Autoresponder Secrets Exposed!

One of the biggest mistakes I see most businesses making is not following up enough with prospects (or even worse, customers).

Listen, it really doesn't matter what you sell, you've got to follow up with your prospects AND customers. It's a FACT that 81% of website sales occur on the 5th contact from the seller.

Don't you want the upper handeverytime you contact your prospects? That advantage comes at the price of being able to market to your prospects in a way that will keep them coming back for more.

Following-up will give you the instant advantage of communication with your prospects. Following-up with a professional sales letter will give you the edge to cash in on those extra sales. But it's not just the sales letters, you have to know when to send your information and what information to send!

This course is like nothing you've ever seen. Some things in this course may SHOCK you because they are extremely revealing. Most well-known marketers would want to kick me for even thinking about letting even a select few get their hands on this secret information.

I'll show you not only how to write a killer autoresponder series or course, but how to sell without the customer even knowing they are being sold! When it's ok to send ads to your list, what day of the week is the best to place an offer on the table, and guess what? They will THANK YOU for sending them an offer.

Build a relationship with prospects and customers you never thought would be so profitable!


Module #3: Million-Dollar Emails

Do You Know What It Takes To Write a Winning Email?

If you don't, you're not the only one. For most people drafting an email message that convinces people to part with their hard-earned money isn't as simple as it looks.

Most people just don't know where to start, what to say, when to send it, how to not get accused of spam, how to make sure their message gets read, how to ask for the order, or any other number of variables that mean the difference between success and failure.

But, now there's good news!

There's a resource that will help you create your own successful emails - and it's called…

"Million Dollar Emails: The Greatest Collection of Moneymaking Emails Ever!"

"Million Dollar Emails" is an ebook that contains some of the most successful and persuasive emails ever written. It's jam-packed with real life emails that have been proven to work by the top Internet Pros and eCommerce leaders.

And, here's the best part, in many of the examples, you'll see the exact numbers and results from their campaigns. Response rates, sales figures, and other insider information all culled from their private records. This information has been totally confidential - until now.

Module #4: Autoresponder Magic!

For most people creating a series of autoresponders that convinces people to part with their hard-earned money isn't as simple as it looks. Most people just don't know where to start, how many messages to send, when to send them, how to ask for the order, or any other number of variables that mean the difference between success and failure.

"Autoresponder Magic" is a new ebook that contains some of the most successful and persuasive autoresponder messages ever written. It's jam-packed with autoresponder messages that have been proven to work by the top Internet Pros.

For example, one series written by Declan Dunn has been used successfully for over 2 years (and it's on complete autopilot - he doesn't even lift a finger) to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars of his products and services.

Wouldn't you want to get your hands on that autoresponder series?

Well, that's just one of winning messages in this incredible collection. There's only way any series would be included - and that is it had to work! You won't find a single dud in here.

SECTION 4: How To Design Website That Sells!

Module #1: Website Conversion Secrets

Making money online is simple math. If you want to double your sales, try doubling your conversion rate rather than your traffic. If for every 100 visitors you receive to your site you make 1 sale, then you have a conversion rate of 1%.

But, what if you could increase the conversion rate of your site? What if you could "convince" just one more person to take you up on your offer? Then your conversion rate would jump to 2% and your profits would instantly double!

Here are a few more things you can discover:

  • A service that allows you to locate slow loading graphics and bad links on your site...and where to get it for free.

  • The one thing you have to keep in mind every time you create a website. (Hint :not everyone sees things exactly as you do).

  • What type of fonts should you use online? And why? What can you learn from direct response offline marketers?

  • Should you use Flash presentations on your homepage? Or not? And why? The answer may surprise you!

  • Explained: The concept of "themes" in your website. What is the importance they play in your conversion rate?

  • The 4 'little foxes' that can spoil the overall professional appearance of your website. Are you sure you are not making one of these mistakes as we speak?

  • The common temptation that many companies fall into when creating a website...and why it can spell disaster for you. You will learn how to avoid this fatal mistake.

  • What style should you use when "talking" to your visitors? Formal, informal or what? And why? So many people make this mistake it's not even funny!

  • Should your salesletter use correct grammar? Or not? The answer may surprise you!

  • ...and much more!

Do you have any idea how much a good copywriter costs? If you "shop around", price tags of $10,000 to $15,000 for one salesletter plus 5-10% royalties on gross sales generated are pretty common. Stunned? Well, actually you shouldn't be.

Here's why:

A good copywriter actually saves you money. When you hear all the "gurus" making six figure incomes online, how do you think they do it? Exactly. They use world-class copy. They know that killer copy will put good money in their pockets. (Heck, you can't argue with the results these marketing mammoths get.)

Responsible For Untold Profits..."

 I can't recommend "Website Conversion Secrets" enough for any marketer putting together his first websites or changing existing websites because they didn't sell as well as expected...


 Technique#29 alone is responsible for untold profits in the world of marketing and if you do not master it... you're bound NOT to reach the top.


-Bogdan Ravaru


But you know what the best part is? Even a top notch copywriter can get you lousy results! Yep, you read that correctly. Even if you hire a professional copywriter, your sales can be zero.

Here's why:

On the Internet, there are many more things that come into play. Does your page capture the visitors' names and emails effectively? Does it look good on all computers? Does it load fast? (For example, this page you are reading loaded in less than 2 seconds. And I can show you how to do that for your sites as well.).

"Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!" goes into much more than just "copywriting". It talks about the mechanics of the website as well. It's about building a complete site. It's about getting the sale. It's about making real money.

Module #2: The Genius Guide To Website Design v2.0

Finally.. All the resources and tools you will ever need to build, design and maintain website(s) that sells!

Do you want to learn how to build a great-looking website in a short time? Or perhaps improve your existing website without having to look all over the web for the resources you need?

Well, you're about to find out why website designers are very busy people!

Why? Because it can take forever to find the right scripts, templates, software, graphics to build a great website, and even longer to maintain it and keep it fresh.

FACT: Whether you're building your first website or enhancing your existing one you'll most likely spend more time SEARCHING for the information you need, than actually putting it to use on your site.

Now, how would you feel if I showed you where to get all the BEST resources you will ever need to build and maintain your website?

The Genius Guide to Website Design is THE Most Comprehensive Resale Package on Website Design and Development. You won't find another product like it online!

I guarantee it will prove invaluable to you, whether you are planning on building your first website or improving your existing site.

"I can't believe how much you packed into one e-book! It's a goldmine for any webmaster! I spent 2 hours last night looking it over, holding my breath from excitement. By the time I was done, I'd found over 25 web design tools and resources that I've never seen before! Thanks so much for putting it together, I know my customers will absolutely love it, too! I am giving it 5 stars!"

Milana Leshinsky
'Web Expert or Not!', Publisher


Section 5: Must-Read Copywriting Knowledge

Module #1: Million Dollar Sales Letter

While this ebook is not explaining about internet sales letter, it does contain some of the best sales letters written by Robert Collier, a legendary copywiter.

These are the fifteen letters considered the best ever written by the man acknowledged to be the best writer of sales letters in America. They have been actually tested, they have been actually used, they actually sold over one million dollars of services and merchandise.

These letters will sell for you. Choose those which are applicable to your own business. Alter them only to such an extent as to accord with the products and services you have to sell. But it will pay you, too, to study them all, for they all contain the essential elements that enter into every successful sales letter. They contain ideas that you may apply successfully in salesletters of your own dictation.

Module #2: Scientific Advertising

Many of the lessons you’ll find in the more expensive marketing courses and training can be found in this fantastic book, which was written in the 1920s!  You will learn about ad testing and tracking, double blind headline testing, putting your personality into your copy, "what's in it for me" and much more!

Module #3: The Buy Impulse

I'll show you exactly how to get every last one of the 26 techniques that will allow you to control the minds of your prospects.  I'll give you every technique you need to obtain more customers, get those customers to spend more money, and get them to spend their money more frequently.

Just imagine how much better your business could do with these mind control secrets. Imagine the money you will make and the time you will save. Imagine how much happier you will be and ask yourself how much more content and free of worry you will be.

Understand, I want to provide you with a system that will give you an effortless, endless stream of YOUR OWN products to sell to an endless group of customers who come to you easily. 

In this book, entitled The Buy Impulse: 26 Mind Controlling Tools to get you More Customers who Spend More Money More Frequently, you'll learn the most incredible mind control methods currently in existence. Techniques like...

  • The single greatest mind control technique there is.  Adding just THIS ONE technique to your site will easily double your conversion ratios the instant you implement it.

  • How to get your customers engaged in your web site

  • How to build your own credibility with them so that they will automatically believe everything you tell them

  • How to use the two most powerful emotions humans have to leverage greater sales on your web site.

  • Which technique can be used on your site to keep your customers hanging on your ever word, wanting ... almost begging you ... to tell them every word of your sales message

  • Which two "hot buttons" you can hit together that will create a powerful motivator for your customers to purchase immediately.

  • The single way that will get your customer to purchase your product while at the same time making it so that you NEVER have a refund request.

  • Exactly what to do with your "satisfaction guarantee" that will make it one of the best mind control techniques on your site.  Right now almost no one is doing this right.  Implement this trick on your site, and you'll quickly find sales going up, and your customers actually appreciating your products MORE.

  • How to use your customer's own knowledge to get them to buy from you.

  • You get a powerful mind control tool that will get your customers to do what you ask them, when you ask them, and without asking you tons of questions.  They'll just do what you ask.

  • How to take any and every "flaw" in your product and make it a benefit in the minds of your customers.  Understand that this trick is literally a "competition killer."  Start using this technique and your competitors won't even know what hit them.

  • How to create such EXTREME value for your products in the minds of your customers, that they will consider every other competing product to be utter garbage.

  • What you can do to immediately boost sales right now.  This one technique was used by a computer consulting companies to sell hundreds of copies of their software in a single week.

  • How to put your customers in the perfect frame of mind, and think of your products in the exact way you want them to for maximum sales.

"Crank Up The Sales"

This is an awesome product for anybody in business (and I mean any business).  Applying the principles from this e-book gives the knowledge needed for any business to crank up the sales, by making the average customer hungry for your product

If you already think you're a master salesman, think again, this book touches on so many areas you're sure to gain valuable insight into an area you haven't mastered yet.

Allen Reed

Module #4: The 30-Minute Internet Marketing Miracle

Brett McFall -- Australia's #1 Copywriter Of Over 7,800 Ads & Sales Letters invites you to take a front row seat as he coaches REAL business owners to take THEIR OWN basic, boring, no-response ads ...

(the kind you may have used in the past or may even be using right now)

... and turn them into million-dollar blockbusters in under half an hour!

Sit there stunned as you go behind the scenes with one of the world's best copywriters, and see how his mind solves the marketing problems that stump people like you and me ... and how he does it in just 30 minutes!

Ever seen those life-style shows that tell you how to build a shed ... paint your house ... or buy a property? In a similar way, Brett lets you see how he helps business owners turn their 'loser ads' into piles of cash - in just half an hour!

You'll actually listen-in as Brett McFall takes what REAL business owners have produced for their marketing, and see him analyze it ... re-strategize it ... fine tune it and make-it-over ... on the spot.

To be quite honest - he tears the ads apart. But the funny thing is ... the business owners he's talking to LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

This is LIVE - no editing ... no polishing -- just real down-and-dirty LIVE coaching sessions.

What's more - you actually get to see the ad that Brett is talking about (while you hear EXACTLY how to turn it into a smash hit!). You'll have the ad right in front of you.

You'd have to agree that this is the sort of powerhouse lesson that every business owner would give their eye-teeth for. That's because, you and I both know, that this sort of privileged information could literally make you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It's one thing to learn from looking at a 'good ad' - but to see a very 'ordinary' ad and discover EXACTLY how to turn it into a blockbuster ... well that's a lesson which truly gives you the 'goose that lays the golden egg'.


"$33,420 in just 10 days"

"I've used advertising writers for over 11 years, and Brett McFall is without doubt the best. One campaign alone netted my business $33,420 in just 10 days."

Michael Katsis, Business Opportunity Center, Victoria


"3,148% Increase In Just 7 Weeks"

"Last year I picked up only 4 clients for the whole year from the Yellow Pages. So Brett McFall helped me tweak my ad just before I put it in the new edition. The results?


In just the first 7 weeks I've picked up 17 clients! That's a 3,148% increase in response!

And I've also turned away another 5 clients because I haven't had time to get to them.

What's more, I've actually had to sell 40% of the business because I can't keep up with the workload. It's got to the point already that I am turning away more calls than I can take.

And it's great because I'm charging a really good price - yet still getting their business. Brett's advice is going to make me tens of thousand of dollars."

Justin Stone, Bayside Maintenance Group, Victoria Point, Qld

Okay, So What's The Cost For This Incredible Package?

Well, realize that these resources are easily worth a few hundred dollars. In fact if you asked a top copywriter to produce a sales message for you, you'd be charged in the neighborhood of $500 to $1000, not including the cost to correct all the typos :-)

But I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that amount. In fact, your total investment for Web Copywriting Made Easy is only $27.

And... before you start thinking that there's a catch for this ridiculously low price, keep this in mind: This product is in digital format. This means that I will not have to spend any of my time writing your copy myself. You will click a few buttons and in less than five minutes you can have downloaded it and be discovering these secrets for yourself...

Nothing has been withheld. You're getting it straight -- every little secret these copywriting experts use to make a literal killing can be yours. And to prove the very real value of this information to you and your business, I'm even prepared to GIVE YOU 3 EXTRA BONUSES to sweeten the deal!

Bonus #1: Paint By Numbers Web Marketing Plan ($47 value)

"Web Success Secrets" is truly a COMPLETE blueprint where you'll discover exactly HOW money can be made online from a real internet business. Nothing will be held back or hidden from you.

A no-hype email course showing every step you need to take that many are calling the ultimate 'internet marketing ecourse'...it leads you straight to guaranteed success from day one.

It doesn't matter if you're selling ebooks, promoting affiliate programs or building any downline...these same crushing strategies will skyrocket your internet business into instant profits automatically!

If you had been banging your head against a brick wall trying to succeed before... You won't be anymore!

"Web Success Secrets", a devastatingly powerful email course, is divided into two major powerful sections and 29 lessons (130+ pages in pure contents):

 • Part One (9 Lessons) explains every secret you need for creating an unstoppable internet money making machine!

 • Part Two (20 Lessons) then exposes all the 'dirty' internet marketing techniques that work like crazy to literally force tons of targeted traffic to your website!

What good is a website designed to make money when you have zero ideas how to create surges of targeted traffic to it at will?

You'll learn everything you need to know in an instant...

Bonus #2: Access To Killer Advertising & Marketing Resources ($??? value)

Order today and I'll give you the most generous bonus offer ever...

First, I'd like to send you distribution rights to 117+ hours of audio recordings and interviews, the internet's most comprehensive, user-friendly real-word marketing information.

Second, I'd also like to send 5,673+ pages of downloadable transcripts that are jam-packed with cutting-edge business information you won't find anywhere else.

Here're just some of the amazing information and secrets you'll discover inside...

  • Exclusive 120 Minute Detailed Fact-finding Interview With The Father Of Marketing Jay Conrad Levinson

  • True story about the two million dollar boy desperate for the approval of his parents and how he got rich on the Internet selling information.

  • How to Write Web Site Copy That Sells. Hear legendary copywriter Eugene Schwartz teach his proprietary system for writing breakthrough advertising copy

  • How you can purchase almost any internet or marketing seminar material - including Jay Abraham's - for five cents on the dollar in the next 17 days or less...

  • How to publish your own book and sell a million copies. Golden advice from a true legend in the direct mail business, Ted Nicholas

  • Dan Kennedy Recorded Live - How to inexpensively attract a flood of new customers to your business or service. Hidden Persuasion to generate sales.

  • How to create and operate a successful paid membership website.

  • How get your piece of the information marketing business.

  • Internet marketing coach reveals how to package and offer your information products for higher profits and less returns

  • Think infomercials are too expensive? Think again… learn how they are actually the lowest cost method for generating qualified leads.

  • How to become a qualified expert on anything and never have anyone question your expertise

  • How to get your customers to write your sales letters, advertising copy, and brochures for free

  • The Ugly Truth about Joint Venture Marketing Revealed

  • How to set up, approach, and profit from joint ventures business deals and why most people do it the wrong way.

  • Herschell Gordon Lewis—author of 20 books on advertising, writing and direct marketing—reveals secrets of success in copywriting

  • Attitude is Everything – Learn how to make the best First-Impression and Win

And this, really is, just the tip of the iceberg.

There are pages and pages of streaming audio clips and files for you to listen to and download, jam-packed with practical and insightful teachings on how to build, grow and market your internet business. These are strategies that others have paid over $1000 an hour to learn, and now, for a limited time, you can access them all - for free.

Bonus #3: Four Mystery Bonuses  ($67 value)

I can't talk too much about this one, but these four mystery bonuses will help you to turn any website into a sale closing cash cow!

  • A software that instantly add the secret profit-pulling tools to your web site!

  • A killer application that you can use to 'force' visitors to PAY NOW! 

  • A useful tool that'll help you to create killer headline in just 3 minutes!

  • An amazing ebook that explain 11 'necessities' for creating winning web sales letter! (You'll be guided in step-by-step process)

And, oh yes, let’s not forget...

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