"Everyone knows the OFFER makes or breaks profits...
...but few know how to create a Profit Pulling Offer!"

If you give me five minutes, I'll show you *exactly* what I 
learned that turned a FREEBIE into a sale of $116.00, 
and how YOU can duplicate this EVERY DAY online...
(NOTE:  You've never seen the complete story revealed like this)

Follow the simple instructions in Profit Pulling Offers and I guarantee you 
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An Open Letter to Web Marketers and eBusiness Owners
From Jimmy D. Brown
Re: How to create an entire system of offers *literally* forcing people to buy.

Want to learn how to *really* (I'm not talking hype here, I mean *really!*) learn how to earn HUGE profits on the Internet?  Then stay with me - this short story is important...

I went in to pick up a free keychain, valued at $6.95.

I walked out having spent $116.00 for enough portraits of my 1 month old baby boy to give out one to every registered voter in my entire state!

You think I'm kidding, don't you?

I'm here to tell you that I got waylaid.  They must have seen me coming before I got out of my vehicle.  I don't remember putting it on that day, but I must have been wearing a t-shirt that read something like, "I'm a new dad.  Take all of the cash in my wallet, swipe my credit card and send me an invoice for the remaining balance."

You know how most dads whip out their wallet and show you a couple of snapshots of little junior?  I'm lugging a suitcase full of them around with me everywhere I go.

Send me your mailing address and I'll forward you a half dozen or so of the super high glossy ones with the cute little ducky sitting next to my boy.

OK, so I spent $116.00 that day.  But, it wasn't just for purchasing portraits of my bouncing baby boy...

...it was paying for an education in successful selling.

I had just experienced a crash course in how to effectively sell, and now I am going to share with you how to duplicate this system online to bring in more profits than you ever thought possible.  

(NOTE:  There is not another course anywhere online that shows you the entire system of offers that the "gurus" use to produce easy profits.  These are strategies revealed for the first time, so don't miss this...)

I *GUARANTEE* an increase in YOUR profits 
if you just do this one simple thing...

All you've got to do is put into practice what I reveal to you in Profit Pulling Offers.  I am confident that you'll see at least a 300% increase in your current profits if you follow these simple instructions.

You see, the folks at the portrait studio taught me something that I have found works like a charm on the Internet.  It is something that I have repeated dozens of times on the web since I first learned about these tactics from those photographers.   And I'm revealing these simple strategies in Profit Pulling Offers.  You'll discover things like...

    • 6 simple strategies for creating irrestible web offers -- when, where and how to use them to skyrocket your profits.  HINT:  Successful selling on the web is MORE than just creating a sales letter.  That's only the beginning!  Learn all 6 tactics, or miss out on as much as 900% more profit!
    • 7 laws the determine EVERY purchase decision -- discover what motivates people to buy and how to push all the right buttons to practically force them to make a purchase from you...now!  HINT:  YOU control the laws not the customer -- so sales are really up to YOU.
    • 10 simple ingredients for turning any website into a 24-hour salesman who brings in the profits around the clock.  Put these into practice and it is darn near impossible for you not to see a significant increase in sales by the end of the week.  No extra website traffic is needed -- you'll triple your earnings from your current visitors!
    • 11 essentials for every sales letter that pulls in maximum profits.  You'll get a "behind-the-scenes" look at the making of a mega sales letter, and will discover how to skyrocket your sales conversion rate, eliminate refunds, earn huge backend profits and increase your sales like never before.
    • How to raise the perceived value of your offer by as much as a staggering 1500% without spending an extra pennyYou'll discover 10 simple tactics for giving your offer an instant boost in how valuable it is in the mind of the prospect.  HINT:  These are soooooo easy to implement.  Most can be done in just a few minutes!
    • A 6-step system for setting up your own fool-proof, "they're gonna buy something" system of offers.  You'll learn the secrets of the "gurus" for creating an entire spiderweb of internet offers that leaves the prospect with no other choice than to buy something from you!
    • How to psychologically trigger the emotions of your website visitors to pull in the sale, including 2 easy techniques for getting people so "worked up" over your offer that they whip out their credit card to order without even thinking twice!
    • 2 simple tactics for making your offer look like a "bargain" that simply can't be passed up.  NOTE:  Why does a 30-page web marketing manual OUTSELL a 400-page web marketing manual -- even though they are priced the same?  You'll discover the secret and how YOU can create an irresistible "bargain" of your own.  P.S.  It has nothing to do with PRICE.
    • Why you will almost always fail if you attempt to sell a product online -- and, more importantly, how to GUARANTEE your success by focusing in on one easy thing you can change about your offer.  Bottom line:  this one will either make or break your online sales, so get it right.
    • How to make your web site visitors think they NEED your product -- The truth is, we make a lot of purchases because we NEED them  (toothpaste, electric bill, oil change).  Learn how to create a NEED of your product with the seldom-used tactic that you'll learn inside Profit Pulling Offers.
    • The one REAL secret behind success online that no one tells you.  HINT:  It is NOT the product or service that you are promoting.  It is NOT your offer itself.  It is NOT the price.  Learn this one and there is no way you can fail with your Internet eBusiness.
    • The "Baskin-Robbins" approach to web marketing that many people take - and it dooms them to failure before they even beginYou'll discover the smart way to do business online and avoid the costly mistakes that 95% of online businesses are making.
    • How a "Hershey's Chocolate Bar" could be one of the real keys to your success on the Internet -- if you learn how to use it wisely.  I'll show you exactly what I mean, and how to do it to separate yourself from the competition.
    • How to increase your free eBook or free report give-a-ways by a mind-boggling 2800% by doing one thing different.  Even if you are giving away the exact same eBook or report as thousands of others, do this and YOU will receive more downloads than all the rest.
    • The 2 reasons (and 2 reasons only) why every single person makes a purchase on the Internet.  All purchases fall into one of these two categories.  You'll discover them and, more importantly, 3 keys to pushing the visitor's "I've got to buy this now" button for immediate sales.

Are you beginning to see the tremendous advantage you'll have over your competitors with this information? You will discover techniques that I have NEVER revelealed before -- things my buddies are encouraging me to keep secret! But, I'm going to share them with you -- and these things also...

    • A quick and easy, 2-step system for outselling all others who are promoting the exact same product that you are.  Note:  By using this tactic with reprint rights, you can *really* see a significant jump in profits.  You'll discover how "tweaking" one small thing on your sales letter can turbocharge your response rate.
    • How the old adage "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" works backwards on the web -- and how you can use this secret formula to pull in even more profits for any product or service.
    • 3 super strategies for instilling a sense of urgency in the minds of your website visitorsHow to get them to buy now, including a super method of actually having them post a deadline on themselves!
    • How to close the sale with a post-script (P.S.) message.  I'll show you how to actually do twice the business by adding one simple thing to your webpage.
    • How to capture your visitors' email addresses (with their permission, of course) and follow-up automatically for days -- and how to do this right to almost guarantee they will make a purchase.
    • An "all access" pass to see *exactly* how I create my own sales letters (just like the one you are reading :o) that really do bring in the sales.  You'll discover all of my secrets that I've never revealed before as I walk you through the ad copy process, step-by-step.
    • How to grab (and keep!) the reader's attention from the very first second they lay eyes on your webpage.  You'll learn one of the least used tactics online that can *literally* double or triple your sales.  Note:  It takes less than 60 seconds to setup.
    • How to hypnotically lead your prospects deeper and deeper into your sales letter as you build their interest more and more.  You'll discover a tremendous technique for getting your visitors to FOCUS and CONCENTRATE and THINK ABOUT everything you are saying in your ad copy.  Included are 8 hypnotic phrases you can use for ANY product or service.
    • How to INVOLVE your prospects in your sales letter in one easy step.  Hint:  This is an easy way to convince people that your product is designed with them in mind.  You'll learn how to do this in 30 seconds or less.
    • How to know what your leads want before they even arrive -- and how to serve it to the like McDonald's serves french fries!  Note:  You'll learn a scientific, 3-question method of finding out *exactly* what your target audience wants to ensure you are ready to deliver it.
    • 2 super simple ways to pull back the attention of a reader who is about to drift away and refocus them on making a purchase today.  Do this correctly and as much as 60% of those who normally would leave will end up staying to finish reading your offer.
    • Why free bonuses almost always HURT sales -- and how you can master the 3 Laws of Freebies to effectively use bonuses as incentives to buy from YOU, including how to FORCE your customer's to buy from you alone!
    • What Broadway Joe Namath has to do with your success on the Internet - and the most important thing about how what he did applies to you.
    • How to take your sales to the next level - from "all right" to "out of sigh!"  The best thing is...it won't cost you a penny to do it.  Discover 10 strategies for giving your sales an instant boost.
    • How the Hope Diamond, the Statue of Liberty and the baseball that Barry Bonds smacked his record-setting 73rd homerun with all influence the buying decisions of thousands of online customers.  Learn their secrets, apply them, and I guarantee you'll see more profits.  (It will be IMPOSSIBLE for you to not increase sales)

These are just a few of the strategies you'll find in this 80 page course. No fluff. No filler. No extra junk in their to take up extra space -- just the information you need, revealed in an easy-to-understad, easy-to-follow, step-by-step system. You'll learn...

    • 2 easy ways to get testimonials for your product for free, and how to milk them for everything their worth!
    • How to skyrocket your sales by as much as 300% in one easy step.
    • How to use the research of USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and Encyclopedia Britannica (among others) to scientifically prove your offer is legitimate and really works.
    • How to turn your regular product support into an explosive selling machine.  Heck, you've got to answer the questions of your customers -- let me show you  how to make this a tremendous selling tool!
    • 7 ways to maintain accessibility to your prospects -- if you don't do this, you'll automatically lose many sales.
    • How to use a concept from the 1970's (it's still around and going strong!) to skyrocket the value of your offer, at no additional cost to you.
    • 6 easy things you can do to avoid those last second stumbling blocks that often keep people from making a purchase.
    • The ABLE formula:  A set of 3 laws for generating leads with your freebies.  Get these right and you'll definitely be ABLE to generate prospects quicker than you can say "Grab my freebie."
    • 5 worksheets to complete to help you setup the perfect system of offers -- just answer these questions, fill-in-the-blanks, and you'll have a blueprint for setting up irresistible offers at your own webpage.
    • The 4 "P"s of every incredible offer - and how you can master them for maximum results.
    • Terry Dean's own list of the 12 major advertising secrets you need to know and use in EVERY ad you create.
    • How to setup a "backend" offer to double, triple or even quadruple your profits, including 3 super crafty things to load the deck in your favor.
    • 6 specific ways you can raise your backend profits without spending a single penny.  Included are ways to:  earn higher affiliate program commissions, increase your newsletter subscribers, recruit more resellers of your own product, generate new leads, and continue milking your offer "system".
    • A 6-step system for using follow-up marketing to keep your customers for life.  (And profit from the for life!)
    • 7 ways to create multiple streams of income on the web - how to keep the profits flowing no matter what the economy is like, during the slow holiday seasons, and even while you are on vacation!

    You'll even learn all of my "secret" weapons for creating a killer website offer that practically forces people to buy, including my...

      • "May I Have Your Attention, Please" Box
      • "I've Got to Find Out More" Headline
      • "Look At The Watch Go Back And Forth" Opening
      • "Reel 'Em In" Interest Builder
      • "Unload Your Clips" Benefit Bullets
      • "Would You Like Fries With That" Copy
      • "Don't Hang Up Yet" Subheadlines
      • "Ginsu Doesn't Hold a Candle" Bonuses
      • "We WILL Win The Super Bowl" Guarantee
      • "You've Come Too Far To Turn Back Now" Call to Action
      • "I Know What You're Thinking" P.S.

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The Web Copywriter's Handbook

I've teamed up with my friend and mentor, Terry Dean, to bring you an exclusive eBook available only with this package. In The Web Copywriter's Handbook, you'll discover 7 ad copy reports...

  • 5 Insider Secrets to Writing Million Dollar Sales Letters
  • 5 Lessons Every Internet Marketer Needs to Learn From Direct Mail Marketing
  • How to Create a Powerful Guarantee For Any Business
  • How to Increase Response Rates by 1800% by Tomorrow Afternoon
  • How to Turn Prospects Into Paying Customers
  • The Sales Formula - How to Add it All Up For Big Profits
  • How to Turn Features Into Benefits

Each of these reports are 2-5 pages in length - short, sweet and to the point. Terry's incredible mastery of ad copy writing is now shared with YOU in the Web Copywriter's Handbook.

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30 Second Ad Copy Tips

A collection of 32 "quick tips" -- simple tactics you can apply to your webpage sales letter / ad copy in less than 30 seconds each. Discover strategies like...

  • How to make the reader of your sales letter know you are talking to THEM specifically and not the masses of visitors to your site.
  • How to create visual pictures in the mind of your visitors to get your point across.
  • How to grab the interest of your visitors from the very first line of your sales letter.
  • How and when to fire your "big guns" to pull the reader deeper into your sales letter.
  • Why your English teacher would cringe at the most effective sales letters online -- and why you should never listen to her when creating your own ad copy.
  • The secret formula of long copy - long is good, IF you do it correctly. Learn how in this report.
  • Learn the secret of selling results and not products - this is the difference between slow sales and skyrocketing sales.
  • How to get your visitors believing everything you say in your sales letter.
  • How to grab and re-grab the attention of your prospect throughout your sales letter.
  • The one thing you need to avoid if you want to maintain your credibility and keep the visitor heading toward the purchase link.
  • How to use connective phrases, bonuses, deadlines, delivery expectations, calls-to-action and guarantees to increase your sales.

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Killer Sales Letter Case Studies

In this manual, you'll find 12 sales letters written during the past 12 months, all using the techniques described in the Profit Pulling Offers course. These are intended solely as examples cases of the strategies outlined in the course.These sales letters were taken directly from the websites they appear on.

What you'll learn from the case studies is how to APPLY the strategies presented in this course. You'll see actual working examples of the techniques in action. Just more proof that these aren't "theories" that you'll be studying -- they are 100% proven techniques that work in real life. Each of these 12 sales letters are PROVEN to pull in results -- sales and profits during the past 12 months.

And not just "some" sales -- these are all BEST-SELLING products. Best-selling simply because they used the strategies outlined in the Profit Pulling Offers course.

You'll be adding your name to the best-selling list soon. :o)

*Exclusive* Bonus #4 (You won't find this available anywhere else online except with this package!)

May I Pick Your Brain? An Interview With Jimmy D. Brown

Diane Hughes of ProBizTips Weekly interviewed yours truly and I am making a copy of the interview available to you as a bonus with your purchase of Profit Pulling Offers. Just a few of the things Diane and I cover in the interview are...

  • The 5 tools or resources that I constantly refer back to and use that make my work easier, less time consuming and more profitable. You'll find the resources that I can't live without.
  • The 1 mistake that I have made that I regret doing -- and what I learned from that mistake. Hint: Don't repeat my silly actions on this one!
  • The 1 affordable, but effective marketing venue that I recommend to new marketers who don't have a lot of money to spend in getting started.
  • 5 reasons why I feel some affiliates make money and others never do - the underlying factors to affiliate success or failure. And, more importantly, 5 ways to guarantee affiliate success!
  • The quickest and easiest way for anyone (that includes YOU :o) to earn profits online -- if you do it right.
  • 2 simple strategies for becoming "well known" as an "expert" in your field.
  • The single most important piece of advice that new Internet entrepreneurs and marketers should know?

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Wishing you much success online,
Jimmy D. Brown
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