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How It Works

When you install the tiny application, it will check our server once a day. When it finds something new the little icon will begin to blink. When you see that icon in your toolbar blinking, you know you've got something new waiting for you.

You just double click on the icon and discover what's waiting for you inside the Money Browser. It's just that simple. If you are interested in making money on the Internet, the Money Browser is the critical app you must have.

Allen Says, the creator of the Money Browser, is one person you need to get to know if you want to be privy to the hottest and newest ideas ever to hit the Internet. He is responsible for many of the hottest ideas used in Internet marketing today. His articles and ebooks have made untold millions of dollars for a great many people over the last 6 years.

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On top of all the free scripts, ebooks and courses you'll be getting, you'll also be learning the "real secrets" to making money on the web from someone who has done it for the last 6 years non-stop. 

You'll discover things like...

The Real Secret To Making Your Name Known On The Internet

What People "Really" Want And How To Make A Fortune Giving It To The

Offline Marketing Leading To Online Sales - The New Wave

Good Viral - Bad Viral; How To Make Viral Marketing Pay You Forever

The 7 Persuasive Powers You Should Be Using In Everything

The Provocative Domain Name And One Page Direct Response Tactic

How The Multiple Personality Strategy Can Make You A Fortune

How To Get Out Of The "Inner Circle" Madness - Go For Millions Of Prospects

How You Can Still Use The "Inner Cirlce" To Your Advantage

Learn How Fortunes Are Made With Opt-In Newsletters

How To Create Multiple Incomes With Homemade Information Products

4 Tactics To Flood Your Business With Cash From Free Advertising

How To Control A Multi-Million Dollar Empire Using Dropship Companies

The Hidden Secret To Having A Huge Number Of Repeat Buyers

That's just a little of what's in store for you as a Money Browser member. Allen and his hand picked team of writers and service providers are committed to making this the best deal on the Internet. You're not just going to be able to make more money, you're also going to have fun and make contacts that can explode your own money-making potential.


You truly are *the* marketing *wizard* of our time! What a brilliantly powerful concept! Why didn't "I" think of this?!

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I'm really glad you're writing again! Your powerful reports have always taught me more killer secrets than most other marketing and success books *combined*! 

I can see it already; This is going to be another one of your awesome creations that I won't want to live without!

Thanks! ... Again! :-)

Bryan Kumar

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