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Dear Fellow Marketer,

We both know that the biggest problem experienced by online marketers is working out how to drive targeted visitors to a web site.

I'm not just talking 'hits' but real traffic - People who are actively looking for the products you sell and who are ready to lap up the words you write -

Seriously if you don't have a massive advertising budget it's tough to find:

A. people who are passionate about the topics you write about.

B. prospects who are eager to spend their money with you.

You need a plan and a strategy to pull in those kind of people without it costing you thousands in advertising - You need to think smart, you need a 'List Grenade'

A What?

The 'List Grenade' is a 3 part strategy that will flood your lists with 'hot to trot' subscribers and so far I've yet to find a more powerful technique for attracting targeted subscribers to your mailing list as easily and without spending money...

And I'm not just talking about potential customers, we looking at adding new subscribers who have already spent money in your niche.  The real cream of the crop type of subscriber.

By the time you've finished ready through this easy to follow course you'll think you've struck gold - It's simple, easy to implement (it may just take a couple of tiny changes to what you do already) - And it won't cost you anything to set up!

I called this the 'List Grenade' because once you throw this into your marketing you'll see your list EXPLODE!


NO, The 'List Grenade' is an 'evergreen' strategy that doesn't rely on the latest and greatest of sites or software applications or anything else.

And it won't crash because of a Google Slap, Squidoo Slap, or any other kind of slap.

It's incredibly powerful, works like crazy and does not require any kind of 'blackhat' jiggery pokery

Yes, even though you can add your biggest competitors top customers onto your list without your rivals ever figuring out how


I'm doing my best to be brief because I'm sure you'll want to get started with your own List Grenade right away, but here's just a few of the gems inside this course:

  How to attract potential customers to your site like bees to honey.

  How to reach thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of people with your bonus offers (and most likely people who have never heard of you before)

  The critical 'next step' process that boosts your sign up rates.

  How to use the latest reprint rights frenzy to your advantage - without competing to sell the same product every one else is.

  The most powerful 'bonus' to offer new subscribers.

  How to use the latest, hottest "must have" promotion (you know, the one that floods your mailbox, everyone pushing the same product) to your own advantage.

 How to create huge, long-term profits from your competitor's sales!

  How to autopilot you affiliate/JV list building process in two easy steps

  How to turn inactive affiliates into your most active and profitable long-term business partners.  (this works even if your product isn't something they want to promote first)

And Much Much More...

Now before you read the last part of this letter, let me ask you a quick question -

Do You Use Bonuses To Build A List?

Chances are you do because that's what everyone else does but...

Too many people are online, giving away bonuses because they think that they'll gain visitors or subscribers.

This is a complete waste of time... 

unless you ... discover the answer on page 14

Okay sorry to be a tease but let me say one thing right now - And it's this, by putting the 'List Grenade' Strategy to work for you I guarantee you'll gain:

  More sales

  More affiliates

  More subscribers

  More exposure of yourself and your business online

And I'll back that up with this powerful guarantee:

If for any reason you feel this strategy won't work for you (but I haven't found anyone yet who it doesn't work for) Or that it fails to live up to the promise on this page, just let me know (within 60 days) and I will immediately refund your payment in full.  Order your copy today in complete confidence, then take a full 59 days to try out the 'List Grenade' strategy for yourself - Start Now

 What are you waiting for?  Take action and grab your copy right now and get started building up your subscriber list, your affiliate list, your JV list and your online reputation as the 'Go To Guy' in your niche...

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To Your Success

Diane Hughes & Simon Hodgkinson

P.S.  Remember the quicker you throw the List Grenade into your marketing mix the quicker you'll see your subscriber list explode.  You can pick up a copy of this easy to follow course right now for just $17 which is backed by my no hassles money back guarantee!