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Dear Fellow Cheapskate,

I'm cheap. Good GRIEF am I cheap! I rarely buy anything -- anything -- unless it's on sale -- and that even includes food and groceries. (Hot dogs, anyone? :-/) Okay -- you caught me.

I may not feed my family hotdogs EVERY night, but I love discount racks, multiplied coupons, and the Burger King dollar menu ... and don't LET me catch a "buy one get one free" or 70% off sale. Lawwwwd, that's my idea of shopping heaven!

I say all that to say, Dear Reader, that I definitely know where you're coming from when you tell me you're a cheapskate. (Oh ... you didn't say that? Well I said it for you! Why else would you still be here?!) And let me be the first to say that there's nothing wrong with that.I'm probably on every marketing guru in America's sh*tlist for that one ... I've gotta watch my back now when I go to the corner store ... but I'll say it again.

There's nothing wrong with being a cheapskate!

Actually, I think we're smarter than the average shopper.

    To me, being a "cheapskate" simply means that we're looking for the BEST BARGAINS on everything we buy.

When we shop, we normally have at least one of four things in mind:

  • Finding the lowest price for the value; OR
  • Finding a great sale or bargain; OR
  • Getting the best VALUE for our money; OR
  • Bartering for goods and services so we don't HAVE to outlay cash

You see, being a cheapskate isn't necessarily about never spending money, or finding the lowest price.

Because finding the lowest prices usually
means finding the lowest quality.

"Hey! They sell nice sneakers at Payless Shoe Source, okay?"

Ahem ... *cough* ... I don't normally think of plastic tennis shoes as nice! :-/

But I digress...

We cheapskates are always looking for quality and VALUE. Meaning even if we have to spend a few more dollars to get that high-cost product or service, we will, because we're getting a lot more for our money than we would buying 10 different crappy products or services ... and still coming up short.

I wear the title of Cheapskate proudly, and with honor!

As should you, Dear Reader. As should you.

Now, all feverish "cheapskate" rantings aside, let's get to the reason you're here. You want me to help you...

Promote Your Website Or Affiliate Site In Just 7 Minutes Per Day, DIRT CHEAP, With a Resource So Quick And Easy To Use, It Might Even Be -- (gasp) -- FUN!

Fun? Unlikely, I s'pose, but quite possible. (I guess "enjoyable" would be a more suitable word. :o) )

Anyway, it sucks to try and find cheap places to promote your website. I spent too doggone many boring, migraine-inducing, TEDIOUS hours each week searching for them ... just to get to the end of the day, and realize I had little or nothing to show for it. :-/

That can damper any motivated marketer's spirits in no time.

And as for trying to find good places to promote my sites, I always could go hard at it for about a week, at best, before I completely lost my steam and put my marketing campaign on the shelf ... for MONTHS on end. (Do they make Marketing Motivation Viagra?)

I'm being honest with you here.

I probably shouldn't even be telling you this. (LOL)

A lot of people see me as this hardworking, super-busy, super-mega-marketing-guru -- and to them I may well be -- but I'll always see myself as just another lazy cheapskate trying to skate through a career in Internet marketing WITHOUT doing much work...

... and doing the little work that I do as superhumanly FAST as possible.

Hence, my brainchild ... Website Marketing for Cheapskates. Ta da!

It offers 51 ways and places you can promote your website, each of which can *literally* be used in 7 minutes or less. It'll make driving traffic to a business site less of a chore, while keeping it from costing an arm and a leg, or taking hours per week.

I venture to say that you'll even enjoy using it! It'll sure be a welcome change to folks who are used to busting their butts trying to find cheap places to advertise.

WM4C also includes five super-quick, power-packed interviews from five of the Internet's most successful marketers ... all of who make AT LEAST $4,000.00 a month from their Internet businesses, and some who make more than $4,000.00 in an average week.

And if you're sitting over there thinking, "$4,000 per MONTH?? That's NOTHING!" Umm ... that's something a LOT of Internet marketers and website owners aspire to. They just wanna quit their jobs...

...because most small business sites AREN'T making a profit.

...and most small business sites AREN'T even making $400 per month!

    Ouch. :-/

But still, if you happen to be one of the lucky few making over $4,000.00 monthly, I have something for you, too.

I've interviewed people making over $30,000.00 ... and heck ... over $50,000.00 each and every month! These are people we ALL can learn from.

We can learn how to get our websites making a profit, and KEEPING it that way.

Get Answers To 7 Of The Top Marketing Questions!

Finally ... Discover How to Make Money With Your Website
(and KEEP it Profitable), From the People Who've Been
Making Thousands From Their Sites, PER MONTH, For Years!

The first of two sections of Website Marketing for Cheapskates is...

  • Dollars On Demand: No Holds Barred, Tell-All Interviews With Some of Internet Marketing's Top-Earners

    Remember, each of these marketers make at least $4,000.00 per month in their own businesses, and even more importantly I think, are doing this full-time from their homes ... so they definitely are qualified to help you do the same.

    I've interviewed:
    1. Diane Hughes of, earning over $8,000.00 per month

    2. Steve Shaw of, earning over $4,000.00 per month

    3. Stephen Pierce of, earning over $30,000.00 per month

    4. Terry Dean of, earning over $50,000.00 per month

    5. Heidi Perry of, earning over $6,000.00 per month


    These brainiacs have let all of their most important marketing tips and tricks fly, and everything is based on trial and error, testing, and past experience.

    No unproven, untested theories here.

    They describe to you exactly how THEY'VE boosted their websites' profitability while being their own boss, and consistently making mad cash from their sites on a daily basis. They'll reveal things like:

    • The #1 FASTEST way, hands-down, to make the maximum amount of cash with your website, by seducing continuous streams of highly targeted traffic to your domain ... with OR WITHOUT your own opt-in list;

    • The #1 way to spark a constant swarm of new subscribers to your ezine lightening-fast, without breaking the bank;

    • The most elusive piece of information sought by marketers aspiring to make massive money with their websites is ...

        " HOW do those #$%$%^ gurus DO it?"

      Everyone talks about it, but no one tells us how.

      Now -- finally -- in Website Marketing for Cheapskates, you'll discover:

      • the exact steps these marketers take to make a continuous killing online,

      • the exact areas of their businesses the majority of their income comes from, and most important of all ...

      • precisely HOW they safeguard their income, so that cashflow remains CONSISTENT each and every month. (crucial!)

      • And more!

    I've asked each interviewee to give very concise, but thorough, extremely hard-hitting, *directional* advice on each question.

    Something that can get you on your way to actually doing whatever it is these experts suggest IMMEDIATELY after reading their answers.

    No more sitting around waiting for theories to be tested, or struggling through a 50 million page manual filling your head with a lot of crap it doesn't need.

    Just instantly-usable, actionable information, to have you on the way to steering YOUR website toward profit in minutes.

    Click here to order now.

    REVEALED... 51 Ways To Drive More Website Traffic and Targeted Leads to Your Site QUICKLY, Without Spending Hours Searching for Quality Places to Advertise!

    The second of two sections of Website Marketing for Cheapskates is...

  • 7-Minute Marketing: Immediately Usable, Rapid-Fire Resources to Promote Your Website Instantly and FAST

    This section contains 51 free and low-cost places to promote your business site the instant you make the decision to use it. Each resource includes stats like circulation and audience demographics, restrictions of use, cost of use (if any), how to submit, and more.

    I've made sure that absolutely everything you'll need to decide if you'd like to promote with that resource is right there on the page.

    This section is designed to help you get more website traffic and targeted leads quickly, without having to bore yourself to tears, for hours, searching the Internet.

    The list is categorized for fast access, and virtually eliminates the frustration of weeding through dozens of sites, search engines, and ezines only to come up with a disappointing handful of targeted places to promote. (Remember my marketing Viagra story? :-/)

    Here's a brief list of some of what you'll find in this section:

    • Submit Your "Do-It-Yourself" Tips, Articles, or "How To" Projects For Free To This Site Averaging More Than 4 Million Impressions Per Month, And Get Oodles of Free Publicity (site featured on Sally Jesse Raphael & more!)

    • Get Massive Traffic For Free When This Widely-Read Ezine Features Your Marketing-Related Article on Their Supercharged Business Network, Which Generates 225 Million Page Views Monthly

    • This Highly-Trafficked Web Publication Seeks Web Professionals With "Real World" Experience To Write Articles & Reviews And Get Paid Cash

    • Broadcast Your Exclusive Success Story or Internet Marketing Related "How To" Article For Free to Over 220,000 Web Professionals in This Long-Running Marketing Ezine

    • Are You a Minority Business Owner? Get on This 2-Time Emmy Award-Winning Television Show to Expose Your Business to More Than 150,000 Entrepreneurs

    • Get Picked Up for Speaking Engagements and Media Interviews By Joining This Inexpensive Online Registry for Authors and Experts ... And Get Your First Full Month's Listing Free

    • Submit Your Press Release for Free, To Editors, Journalists And Freelance Writers Through This Distribution Service, Getting 1 Million Page Views Per Month

    • Turn Your Prospects Into Customers With This Unique, Multimedia e-Mail Marketing Service, & Achieve A 13% Response Rate From Your e-Mail Campaign

    • Get a #1 Spot on This Small Business Pay-Per-Click Engine for the Keyword(s) of Your Choice, and Receive *Unlimited* Clickthroughs for a Full 100 Days

    • Got a Site Dedicated to Women? Open An Account With This Specialized Pay-Per-Click Search Engine for As Little As $25. Bidding Starts at Just $0.01 Per Click!

    • Starting a Search Engine Marketing Campaign? Discover Which Major Search Engines Your Site is Listed On in 60-Seconds or Less, for Free

    • Reach Over 75,000 Opportunity Seekers & Web Business Owners For As Little as $25 Per Issue

    • Reach 24,000+ Opt-In Subscribers For As Low As an Incredible $15 Per Issue When You Submit Your Ad To This Web Marketing Ezine

    • Reach Thousands of Prospects By E-Mail For As Low As $14.95 Per 100, & Get At Least a 10% Response Rate Or Your Money Back

    • And more.

    There are a total of 51 site marketing bargains and freebies just like this, ready for your immediate use, inside Website Marketing for Cheapskates!

    And if you order today, you'll also receive...

BONUS: What Every Marketer Should Know About How To
Spend LESS And Get MORE Results From Your Advertising.

Act Now and I'll Show You How To Save Up To $1,800 Per Year And Boost Your Ad Response By 97% Or More ... In Just 7 Days!

Assuming you spend a modest $150 per month on advertising your website(s), this special bonus alone can save you upwards of $1,800.00 per year in marketing dollars you'd otherwise waste on ineffective advertising.

Rather than just giving you the product and sending you on your merry way (possibly clueless on how the heck to get yourself started), I've developed a free, 7-day report series that will show you how to spend less money advertising your site ... while still boosting the responsiveness of your ads by 97% or more. Not only will you learn the most profitable ways to advertise . you'll also have fun doing it!

You'll get "7 Deadly Sales Letter Sins That Can Cost YOU The Sale" absolutely free when you order Website Marketing For Cheapskates.

Now You Can...

Promote Your Business Site Dirt Cheap In Just
7 Minutes Per Resource,

Uncover a Goldmine of *Uncensored*, Expert Advice On How To Squeeze Every Dollar Out Of Your Website to Create a Full-Time, At-Home Income, and

Learn The Secrets Of Getting The HIGHEST Response From Your Ads With The LEAST Time And Money -- All For Just...

... $34.97!

... a low $17!

Mail Payment

As you and I both know, we cheapskates love finding a great bargain and getting exceptional value for the money, so I had to make sure I gave you that and more. So...

    If you're one of the first 500 people to order, you'll also get "The Embarrassingly Simple Way," a special report revealing exactly how a simple 10 minute mistake snagged the author a #1 listing on Yahoo (Web matches),, and Google, completely FREE of charge.

I sell this report for $17.00 on another site, but will include it in the special Silver version of WM4C, for only $10 more.

Your Complete And Total Satisfaction is 110% Guaranteed
... Or I'll Refund You Every Penny

If you're not satisfied with any version of Website Marketing for Cheapskates for any reason, just tell me why within 60 days, and I'll refund every single penny you paid, immediately.

That's a promise!

P.S. No matter what version you choose, your product will still be delivered instantly upon approval of your order.

P.P.S. Wondering why the price is so low? One, this is an introductory offer which I'm planning to pull after WM4C becomes more popular -- in just a few weeks. Two, we're cheapskates, for goodness sakes. We LIKE high value ... but LOVE high value for low prices. :o)

Click here now to choose an ordering option, and you'll be well on your way to profit in no time. :-)