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Dear Internet Friend,

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I'm talking about Interviews.

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An Interview is the absolute perfect chance to really "step inside the mind" of the world's most successful internet marketers, and find out what really makes them "tick". It is the only way to discover exactly how these amazing business professionals got to be where they are today.

I'll give you an example...

Did you know that 25 years ago, the legendary Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale used to have to shoplift for food to eat, before he stumbled upon a now out-of-print book that propelled him to fame and fortune?

Joe Vitale is now known as one of the best copywriters alive today, and has written more best selling information products than many people could ever read.

By now, you're probably thinking, "But how could this information help ME?"

Let me answer that question by asking you this...

How much money do you think you could make, selling a brand spanking' new Interview, featuring the world's greatest internet marketing experts, every single month?

Just think about your competition for a second...

They are currently selling (or reselling) all these wonderful eBooks and Special Reports written by these marketing "gurus" to help people make money on the internet. Now, don't get me wrong. These eBooks and info products are great. However, the only problem is that the authors very seldom -- if ever -- give out ALL their secrets. Why would they?

If they did, it would cause a surge of competition in their field, which could result in LESS MONEY for them. What self respecting "guru" worth his salt could possibly want that?

Now, Here's Where I Come In...

After much careful contemplation, I have finally come up with a solution that will work for us all. I have managed to convince the top marketers in the world to reveal ALL of their most precious secrets in the form of a "never before seen" Interview, complete with FULL Resale Rights!

I'm sure you're thinking, "How in the world did you convince them give up ALL their secrets? Wouldn't this hurt their business?"

The answer is actually, NO. And here's why...

The "gurus" have agreed to expose their most hidden secrets ONLY if I give them a generous percentage of the profits made from selling the Interviews.


The experts are saved, and YOU get to SELL these exclusive Interviews and keep 100% of the profits!

Amazing, isn't it? <grin>

In case you are wondering why I would give you FULL Resale Rights to my Interviews, every single month, it is because I not only want to educate people, but help them earn massive amounts of money as well. I want YOU to experience the success and freedom that I have worked so hard to get.

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I will be doing a completely new and different Interview every single month for you to sell and keep all the profits. You can rest assured that every Interview will be an entirely new experience, because I will never ask the same question twice. All Interviews will be 100% unique!

The famous internet marketer, Bryan Kumar once remarked, "An Interview is only as good as the the one who gives the Interview."

With that in mind, I want you take a look at the type of questions that I have asked these experts, and what they have revealed...

Here's This Month's Brand New Interview:

"Blair Warren -- television producer, writer, marketing consultant and
voracious student of human nature.”

Blair Warren has been working in the field of television production and marketing for nearly twenty years, the last eight as the Executive Producer of a number of outdoor related television programs.

Currently, he produces The Chevy Sportsman, a weekly, nationally syndicated program hosted by his brother Alan. He has produced over 300 half-hour episodes and nearly 50 one-hour episodes of niche programming.

He has also worked on countless commercials, promotional tapes and client marketing campaigns. But his first love has always been the study of human nature and persuasion. To say his studies in this area have run a unique course would be an understatement. Though he spent years studying traditional ideas and concepts of persuasion, in the aftermath of the Heaven's Gate cult suicides, he became obsessed with a single question that changed the course of his life:

"How do cult leaders and conmen get their victims to willing act against their own self-interests while the rest of us often struggle to influence others in even the most simple of situations?"

His drive to answer this question led him to study a wide variety of areas such as cults, confidence men, magicians, comedians, actors, psychotherapists and such looking for the keys to their power.

In his opinion, these are the true masters of persuasion ­ the people who live and die by their ability to touch other people's lives and move them to act. In other words, to persuade them.

In the course of his studies, he has come to two fundamental conclusions. First, the power these people have has less to do with "techniques" and "strategies" than their uncanny understanding of human nature. And second, and perhaps even more importantly, the same power these "masters of manipulation" have stumbled upon, can be taught to others and used for positive outcomes in all areas of our lives.

Blair has used these techniques not only in his television and marketing work, but teaches this type of persuasion to select students in a one-of-a-kind e-class called The Forbidden Keys to Persuasion.

The following are just three of the many questions that I asked Blair about his life, his success, and his uncanny shroud of "mystery"...



"Blair, you've been shrouded in mystery, and hardly anything is known about you. Even Joe doesn't really reveal much about you. Is that deliberate? Or is it just smart marketing?"

(You'll have to order the Interview to find out Blair's astonishing reply!)



"You call your material The Forbidden Keys to Persuasion. It sounds sinister. Can you explain how you developed it and what it is designed to accomplish?"

(HINT: The answer will leave you spellbound. If you want to know, you'll have to order the Interview!)



"You describe our need for mental engagement as the Achilles Heel of the human mind, can you give us specific examples on how to use it in marketing?"

(When you hear his answer, you'll find out exactly how to use the most powerful marketing tool ever developed - the human mind. I wasn't fully prepared for his answer, but when he gave it I felt empowered. You'll have to order the interview to find out what it was!)

And there are many more that will simply blow your mind!


Let me make this perfectly clear. When you order this Interview, you will be presented with two options on the order page. As you read these choices very carefully, imagine how much more money you could make, if you were able to brand your new Interview with your very own affiliate links. Here is what you will receive when you order the DELUXE Hypnotic Interview Package...

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You can also order the BASIC Hypnotic Interview Package. This contains everything the DELUXE Package has, but is not "brandable".


"How Much Are These Amazing Interviews Going To Cost Me?"

All of our Interviews, no matter who I am interviewing, would normally cost $79.95 for the BASIC package (interview with full resale rights) and $127.95 for the DELUXE package (same as above, but with a special "brandable" version of the Interview included).

But wait...

However, since this site has just very recently been developed, I am going to perform a very quick "marketing test" and give you this blockbuster Interview for only $37.95 (DELUXE) or a measly $27.95 (BASIC). That's a savings of over $90.00 if you order right now!

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These Interviews will be all over the net in no time, so I highly encourage you to act now and take the ultimate advantage by being among the first to sell these amazing products while they're still BRAND NEW!

To Your Internet Success!

Jo Han Mok
on Behalf of the Hypnotic Marketing Institute


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