Affiliate Organizer Deluxe

Software That EVERY Affiliate Needs!

Are you tired of forgetting your usernames and passwords to all of the online affiliate programs that you belong to???

If we lived in a perfect world, you could join lots of different affiliate programs and use the same user ID and password for each of them. You could even login into all of the programs from a single link. Unfortunately, things don't work like that.


New for 2004......The Affiliate Organizer Deluxe software is the answer to your problems. Completely eliminate the chance of forgetting your login details ever again.

With The Affiliate Organizer Deluxe software, your affiliate details will be right at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Never Forget Your Affiliate Login Details Again !!!!
This program will not only store all the details of you're affilates (usernames, passwords ect ect) but you can also setup programs under the affilates where you can store banner codes, text codes, html links and all the other important bits of information you can't risk losing.


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