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From: Louis Allport
Tuesday, 6:51 pm

Dear Internet Friend,

Occasionally on the internet, you'll find something for free that's way better than what you usually have to pay for.

BUT - because it's free it's rarely talked about.


Because there's no profit in it! There's no juicy affiliate commissions encouraging everyone to rave about it!

But this letter is different. Read on ...


How To Turn FREE Into Big Online Profits

When looking for powerful but free software online, especially scripts, use these criteria:

  • Software that is proven to work great.

  • Software that is almost entirely bug free (no software is 100% bug free whatever people say).

  • Software that is secure from malicious hackers.

  • Software that does not overload your server bringing your website crashing down every time it runs!

  • Software that does everything just as well as the expensive versions do!

Does this sound impossible?

You'll be surprised...

Authors of free software love to share. They aren't about the "bottom line". High quality and valuable software is their labor of love.

But with free software (just like with paid software) there's of course the potential danger that it's no good.

There is unfortunately a lot of awful free software that can do more harm than good to your business!

How To Avoid The Free Software Pitfalls

For running a professional email newsletter, there's a ton of scripts out there you can choose from.

But there's many real dangers of picking the wrong email management software that can greatly harm your business. These include:

  • Slow Email Sending

    Poorly written email software will send emails out to your list slowly. I've heard of software written so badly that it took days to send a newsletter to a small list!

    Not only is this unprofessional making you look bad in your customer's eyes, but it can also be very unprofitable since special offers can end even before all your list receive the email!

  • Overloading The Server

    Poorly written software can put a very high load on your website.

    This can crash your website which can take it offline for hours.

    Or it could force your hosting company to ask you to upgrade at your expense.

  • Insecure Software

    Badly written software can be very insecure. This means that malicious people (unfortunately there's thousands online) can break into your website, and then do with it whatever they want.

    One popular "hobby" of such hackers is when they find insecure software on a server, they break in, and then use your server to send millions upon millions of spam (often loaded with viruses and spyware) within a very short time.

    This alone could lead to you getting permanently black listed as a spammer!

  • No Software Updates (Or Very Rare Software Updates)

    When it comes to email and with the ever changing spam laws, you really need to be ahead of the curve.

    If a security hole is discovered in the software you're using, you want the author to "patch" it in double quick time.

    As the laws continue to evolve regarding opt in email, you want to be using software that is up to date to work with these laws, otherwise you could end up in real trouble.

  • No Track Record

    If software doesn't have a track record, you're playing with fire installing it on your website and using it.

    You need to be using software that's got a proven track record.

  • Over Complicated Software

    With some scripts you need a PhD just to install it, let alone run it!

    This is certainly not the case with the software I'll reveal to you in this product.

    As well as plenty of support on the author's web site, the videos in this product will talk you through every single step.

    All you really need to work with this is the basic knowledge of how to upload files from your computer to your website. And that's pretty much it.

And in this product I'll reveal the software, exactly how to work with it, install it, customize it, and start using it.

Rather that you spending up to $50 a month on any number of email services (that get more expensive as your list grows), or rather than you spending $200 and upwards for overly expensive scripts, I'll show you how to get this rock solid script for free and start working and using it within just a few minutes.

You Get 122 Minutes Of Exclusive Coaching Videos

In "How To Run A Professional Ezine For Free" you get a total of over two hours of exclusive coaching videos ... revealing exactly how to configure, install, work with, and use this incredibly powerful and proven software, so that you never need to pay anyone else again for the simple fact of keeping in touch with your visitors and customers by email.

This coaching comes in the form of 10 videos you view on your computer. I've included a full list for you here and what each one is about:

Video 1 (7 Minutes)


In this video you'll be introduced to where you can immediately download this free but incredibly powerful and proven email management software.

Video 2 (11 Minutes)


In this video I'll talk you through case studies of very successful sites that depend on this script on a daily basis - and how they're using it.

Video 3 (7 Minutes)


Here I'll talk you through how to quickly start working with this script.

Video 4 (17 Minutes)


In this video you'll discover how to quickly and easily configure the software so that it successfully works with your website.

Video 5 (8 Minutes)


Here you'll see exactly how to upload this software to your website.

This process takes around five minutes, and then you'll be able to immediately start using the software.

Video 6 (13 Minutes)


In this video I'll talk you through a very important step - encrypting your master password so that no one else can access your email lists.

Video 7 (6 Minutes)


Here you'll see how to create a new email list in less than two minutes!

Video 8 (35 Minutes)


In this detailed video I talk you through every single feature in the control panel so you can fully manage your email list - including how to import addresses, customize the from and to fields - and much more!

Video 9 (12 Minutes)


Here you'll see exactly how to send out your ezine, including how to easily test to ensure you've not made any mistakes!

Video 10 (6 Minutes)


In this video you'll see the advanced features you can add to make this software even more powerful - as well as where to go to get free in depth technical support to help you work with this script.

Compatible With Your Computer

So that you can view these videos successfully, I've made them available in Flash format. This means that you can view them within your web browser on pretty much any computer.

And you can even download the videos to watch offline at your leisure.


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If you're not happy with this product for any reason at all, just drop me a line (my full details are at the bottom of this letter) and I'll return every single cent of your money within one working day. That's more than a guarantee ... it's a personal promise from me to you.

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Diane C. Hughes
& Louis Allport (Author)

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