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"Discover The Quick, Easy & Proven Way To Run A Profitable eBay Business Selling Products People Are Desperate To Buy - Without - Having To Buy In Bulk, And Without Spending Every Weekend At Flea Markets!"

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From: Louis Allport
Sunday, 8:53 pm

Dear Internet Friend,

The following is sad but true:

eBay really doesn't like you running auctions for digitally delivered products these days.

It's a shame, because that really was one of the easiest auction businesses around.

So, what are the alternatives?...

  • Spend weeks creating your own product ... which might not even sell?

  • Spend all your spare time visiting flea markets trying to find bargains?

  • Spend a ton of money buying wholesale, only to have your garage stuffed full of products for months on end?

And with all of these options, you could still be spending ALL your precious spare time packing and posting items!

BUT - there is a profitable alternative that avoids all these problems. Read on...


Here's How To Really Profit With Drop Shipping

I'm guessing you already know what drop-shipping is. Right?

Well, if you don't - here's the deal:

Step 1  ==>You sign up with a merchant to their drop shipping program (this is often free).
Step 2  ==>
The merchant usually then gives you sales materials and graphics you can use.
Step 3  ==>
Using these sales materials and graphics, you advertise their products (eBay is a great cheap place to advertise of course).
Step 4  ==>
You make a sale and collect the money from your customer (by PayPal, check ... however you wish).
Step 5  ==>
You pay the merchant their drop ship fee - this is often a 50% discount from retail ... sometimes MUCH more.
Step 6  ==>
The merchant ships the product to your customer.
Step 7  ==>

You keep all the profit!

You don't even need to store, pack, or post anything - that's all done for you!

You Can Sell Literally Anything

With drop shipping - pretty much any product you can think of is available to you. So what do you fancy making a profit with today:

  • Jewelry?

  • Books?

  • Computer equipment?

  • Furniture?

  • Office supplies?

  • What else...?

140 Minutes Of Exclusive Coaching Videos

In "How To Run A Profitable Auction Business With No Inventory" you get a total of well over two hours of exclusive coaching videos ... revealing exactly how to start and run a profitable auction business - without spending a dime on buying products yourself!

This coaching comes in the form of 12 videos you view on your computer. I've included a full list for you here and what each one is about:

Video 1 (10 Minutes)


In this video you'll be introduced to exactly how profitable drop shipping can be for you, and how some companies look after you so well, it could possibly be the easiest online business to run!

Video 2 (11 Minutes)


In this video you'll be taken through an in depth case study of one successful and popular drop shipping program which works great on eBay.

This drop shipping merchant has sold well over 100,000 items - many, many of those through their drop shipping program.

Video 3 (12 Minutes)


In this video you'll see eBay auctions successfully selling drop shipped products.

And you'll discover that if you choose the right program, you don't even need web hosting - since everything is handled for you!

Video 4 (17 Minutes)


In this video you'll discover how to calculate what your profit will be on every auction - and how international customers can make you a ton more money.

Video 5 (7 Minutes)


Here you'll discover how to easily track down a supplier for pretty much any product you would like to sell.

Video 6 (13 Minutes)


In this video you'll discover how to find what's selling like hotcakes on eBay - right now.

And I'll also reveal a little known tactic for profiting from your visitors more than your competition!

Video 7 (19 Minutes)


In this video I reveal VERY little known tactics for getting visitors to your auctions from outside of eBay.

Video 8 (10 Minutes)


Here I'll reveal ways for choosing the best starting price for your auctions - to maximize your profits!

Video 9 (8 Minutes)


In this video I'll reveal how to get a ton more visitors to your auction by choosing the best keywords.

Video 10 (13 Minutes)


Here you'll discover advanced eBay listing options that can get a LOT more visitors to your auctions to bring in a LOT more income for your business.

Video 11 (10 Minutes)


In this video you'll be introduced to ways of writing your eBay listing adverts for maximum effectiveness.

Video 12 (10 Minutes)


Here I'll reveal a site that is making members huge profits - so you too can very easily increase your online income.

Compatible With Your Computer

So that you can view these videos successfully, I've made them available in Flash format. This means that you can view them within your web browser on pretty much any computer.

And you can even download the videos to watch offline at your leisure.


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Diane C. Hughes
& Louis Allport (Author)

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