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From: Louis Allport
Sunday, 8:53 pm

Dear Internet Friend,

You probably already know this - but Marketing is NOT the only subject people online are spending money on.

Not by a very long shot.

And this really is obvious I know, but all you have to do to make money online is sell what people want to buy.

So What Actually Sells Online?

Okay, let me ask you a simple question:

If you found something that REALLY sells online and is making you vast quantities of money, would you really tell everyone about it?

Neither would I.

And this product is NOT going to tell you what's selling online. However, it will tell you how to quickly and easily find out what in fact is selling online. Right now.

This information is right under our noses. We just need to know where to look.

Undiscovered Goldmines

This product will show you how to find solid, provable information on what people are buying online in crazy amounts.

And what you'll discover is these aren't "fashionable" subjects either. They'll still be selling in 5 years, just like they were selling great 5 years ago.

Want an example? Okay:

Thousands In Monthly Profits From One $19.95 eBook?

I recently found an eBook selling online for a paltry $19.95.

I won't tell you how I know (you'll find out as soon as you get these videos) but this low price eBook is selling by the absolute bucketload.

AND - it's got over 1,000 links pointing into it! A VERY popular product.

That cheap eBook is making it's author huge monthly profits. The subject matter I'll keep a secret for now - but let's just say it's in the "Alternative Health" area.

Amazingly though - what the author is selling is in the public domain and free to download. Most people don't know that though. The author did - and is profiting BIG.

So - what I'll reveal to you in this set of videos is how to find many, many similar subjects - how to "dig the dirt" on great selling products, so you know exactly what people are buying online, so you can sell to them and profit too.

112 Minutes Of Exclusive Coaching Videos

In "How To Discover Hugely Profitable Product Ideas" you get a total of just under two hours of exclusive coaching videos ... revealing exactly the tactics I use to find what's selling online by the bucketload.

(I've actually used these techniques myself and am in the process of creating a product for a very lucrative market that has nothing at all to do with marketing.)

This coaching comes in the form of 8 videos you view on your computer. I've included a full list for you here:

Video 1 (10 Minutes)


In this video you'll discover products making tens of thousands of dollars in profits every month (and these have absolutely NOTHING to do with marketing).

Discover what people are really spending their money on, online.

Video 2 (25 Minutes)


Here you'll discover a simple but very powerful tactic that will instantly reveal to you exactly what subjects are very popular at the moment.

Video 3 (9 Minutes)


In this video you'll discover a few subject matters that people can't buy enough of!

Video 4 (10 Minutes)


Here you'll discover how to really understand the mountains of data Alexa gives you, and how you can turn Alexa statistics into very useful and profitable information for your online business.

Video 5 (17 Minutes)


In this video I'll go even more in depth into how to use Alexa as an online detective tool (few people know these advanced tactics).

Video 6 (8 Minutes)


Here you'll discover a quick and easy way to mine a mountain of incredibly valuable information on popular products and subjects.

Video 7 (25 Minutes)


In this video I reveal the huge amounts of information Amazon and eBay are giving away that most people completely overlook.

Video 8 (8 Minutes)


Here you'll discover how to become an expert in a new subject in two months or less.

(This tactic is exactly what I'm doing right now to create a product for a market I've never sold to before, and I'm very excited about it's potential.)

Compatible With Your Computer

So that you can view these videos successfully, I've made them available in Flash format. This means that you can view them within your web browser on pretty much any computer.

And you can even download the videos to watch offline at your leisure.


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Diane C. Hughes
& Louis Allport (Author)

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