"Finally -- Exclusive Video Coaching
Shows You How To Start And Run
An eBay Business With HUGE Profit
Margins ... 100% Guaranteed!"

"Anyone thinking about selling a product on eBay should definitely watch these videos first ..."

"Louis, I love the Flash videos! Anyone who can load a web-page will be able to watch them without fiddling about...

And anyone thinking about selling a product on eBay should definitely watch your videos first - they're spot on!

And with three hours of original videos, your customers are getting a true bargain!"

- Neil Shearing


From: Louis Allport
Friday, 8:14 pm

Dear Internet Friend,

How would you like to spend 30 cents and quickly turn it into a round the clock income stream?

Perhaps that sounds crazy, so let me explain ...

Thirty cents is all it takes (as I write this) to list an auction on eBay. However... running eBay auctions often involves mountains of work, for little profit. I know of people running hundreds of auctions every single week with very slim profits.

What a headache!

How about this instead ...

How To Run eBay Auctions With HUGE Profits

Information products have a VERY large profit margin. Especially digital info-products like eBooks, software and special reports.

And even though eBay can be very competitive, if you know how to market right, you can quickly and easily stand out from your competition and make a great income selling products that you can deliver by email.

How do I know this?

Because I've done just that myself. That's exactly how I started my internet business.

Is This The Easiest Way To Profit Online?

When selling on eBay you don't even need a web site, and you won't need to mess around with managing affiliates, search engine submissions, pop ups, or any other of those hassles.

What I'm going to do is show you how to start and run an eBay business selling information products with huge profit margins...

Why Am I Revealing These eBay Secrets?

I don't really market on eBay any more, so I'm not worried about competition.

eBay is where I started my online business dirt cheap. But as my business grew I chose to focus mostly on my web sites.

And just so that I'm not a complete stranger to you, if we haven't been in touch before, do a search for my name in Google by clicking here. Just so you can verify that I'm certainly not new to the net and marketing digital products.

192 Minutes Of Exclusive Coaching Videos

In "99 Minutes To Internet Success - Volume 2" you get a total of over three hours of exclusive eBay coaching videos ... starting with the basics, and going all the way through to advanced traffic generation techniques, and how to profit from your visitors and customers long after your auction has finished.

This coaching comes in the form of 11 videos you view on your computer. I've included a full list for you here. Click on any of the pictures to see a full size shot from that video:


An Introduction To The eBay Info-Product Market

(8 minute video)


How To Do Market Research On eBay

(18 minute video)


Step-By-Step ... How To Launch An Info-Product Auction On eBay

(32 minute video)


How To Profitably Use The "About Me" Page On eBay

(7 minute video)


How To Create An Effective eBay
"About Me" Page

(8 minute video)


How To Turn A Web Sales Letter Into An eBay Sales Letter

(41 minute video)


How Easily Profit More From Your Auction Visitors

(20 minute video)


How To Send Search Engine Traffic To Your eBay Auctions

(10 minute video)


How To Consistently Stand Out From The Crowd For Big Profits!

(20 minute video)


How To Make Money Long After Your Auction Has Finished

(18 minute video)


3 Recommended Product Sources

(6 minute video)

Compatible With Most Computers

So that you can view these videos successfully, I've made them available in Flash format. This means that you can view them within your web browser on pretty much any computer.

And you can even download the videos to watch offline at your leisure.

The Reviews Are In ...

Just before releasing this set of coaching videos, I sent out copies to online marketers I knew for honest reviews. Well, I'm happy to say the feedback was very positive. Have a read:

"Louis, once again you have developed an incredibly informative product.

I really didn't realize there was so much to know about selling info products on eBay until I watched these step by step videos.

You've made it so simple, I doubt there is anyone out there who couldn't make money by following your simple guidelines.

It would have taken me years to learn what you have taught me in three hours of video tutorials! Thanks for providing another fantastic product."

- Aaron Leighton

"Hi Louis, I thought I'd share with you how important your videos are to newbies. Here is an edited version of what one lady told me...

I love to watch videos. I have tried for about 9 months to learn how to make money on the internet. It has been very hard for me to learn.

I have learned more in one hour watching videos than all the reading and studying on the net in months.

She then asked me if I knew where she could find more instructional videos and of course your products are perfect for not only her but everyone else who prefers to watch how it's done rather then read about it.

And of course your product - 99 Minutes To Internet Success (Volume 2) shows by video exactly how to do it -- once again!"

- Allan Wilson

2 Very Valuable Bonuses If You Order Today

If you order this set of videos today, you also get these two very valuable bonuses:

  • An exclusive set of templates so that you can just fill in the blanks and have your own professional looking eBay pages within minutes.

  • The complete source text to two fantastically informative info products ... this immediately gives you two products you can sell and profit with.

Your Purchase Is 100% Guaranteed

If for any reason at all, at any time at all, you would like your purchase refunded, no problem. I want you as a happy customer.

If you're not happy with this product for any reason at all, just drop me a line (my full details are at the bottom of this letter) and I'll return every single cent of your money within one working day. That's more than a guarantee ... it's a personal promise from me to you.

Get your copy of "99 Minutes To Internet Success (Volume 2)" today for only $19.97 ... place your order and you'll have full access within seconds...

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Diane C. Hughes
& Louis Allport (Author)

P.S. Remember: You get all this for only $19.97 ...

192 minutes of exclusive coaching videos you can view on your computer that show you exactly how to start and run an eBay business with huge profit margins.

P.P.S. And remember that your purchase is 100% guaranteed, and if you order today you are also get these two very valuable bonuses to help you profit even quicker:

  • An exclusive set of templates so that you can just fill in the blanks and have your own professional looking eBay pages within minutes.

  • The complete source text to two fantastically informative info products ... this immediately gives you two products you can sell and profit with.