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From: Louis Allport
Tuesday, 6:51 pm

Dear Internet Friend,

Do you ever get emails like these from customers:

"You've scammed me - where's the download?!!"

"Where's my refund??!"

"Why don't you answer my emails??!"

Any of these ring a bell?

If Yes - read on ...


Business Is Hard When You Can't *Talk* To Your Customers

For many reasons these days, customers are not receiving customer support emails. And this is a real problem.

These are genuine customer support emails for:

  • Product downloads.

  • Refund confirmation emails.

  • General product questions.

  • And more...

And a huge percentage of these replies are not reaching your customers because of spam filters.

So what's the solution? Well ...


It's Not New, But It Works Great!

I'm not going to pretend this is a new idea. Big companies (and small companies too) have been using professional online support systems for years.

So ... I looked at what support software was already on the market, but many of the prices were up to $2,000 and even more!

Certainly not ideal for a one man business.

So after more research, I once again discovered ...


Why Open Source Software Is So Incredible

If you're patient and know where to look online, you can find the most incredible and powerful software for free.

I've said this before and I'll say it again:

There are thousands upon thousands of developers online who write fantastic, useful and stable (it won't crash) software for free, for pretty much every need.

It still amazes me, but it's a fact:

The "Open Source Software" community is thriving, growing, and throwing out more and more useful software every day.

But researching the Open Source market for the best pieces of software takes a LOT of time trying to find the best and most proven pieces of free software.

If I plan to use free software, it has to be:

  • Easy to install.

  • Easy to work with.

  • Secure from hackers.

  • Stable (won't crash and lose data).

  • Does what it's meant to do.

And it can take days or even weeks of full time research until I'm happy enough with a free piece of software to stick it up on my website for the world to see.

But in this product I've done all the research for you ...



How To Get World Class Support Software For FREE

In How To Run Professional Online Customer Support For Free I'll talk you through two world class pieces of online support software, which amazingly are both free.

These popular and proven pieces of software are used by thousands of websites all over the internet.

Not Technical? Not A Problem!

I'll also talk you through step by step exactly how to quickly install and start working with these two pieces of software. You can then choose which of the two you prefer to use.

Even if you're not very technical that's fine since I'll talk you through each step.

However, before you start you should know how to upload files to your website and how to do basic editing of text files. If you've worked with scripts before - even better.


You Get 121 Minutes Of Exclusive Coaching Videos

In "How To Run Professional Online Customer Support For Free" you get a total of two hours of exclusive coaching videos ... revealing exactly how to find, install, configure and work with these incredibly powerful and proven support scripts, so that you'll never need to pay a penny for supporting your customers professionally from anywhere in the world!

This coaching comes in the form of 10 videos you view on your computer. I've included a full list for you here and what each one is about:

Video 1 (6 Minutes)


In this video you'll be introduced to the two different types of online support software.

Video 2 (9 Minutes)


In this video I'll talk you through where to find and download for free the latest versions of the two pieces of online support software.

Video 3 (21 Minutes)


Here I'll talk you through step by step exactly how to install the first of these pieces of support software.

I'll also show you how to solve common issues you may come across during the installation process.

Video 4 (9 Minutes)


In this video you'll be introduced to how to start using this piece of support software.

Video 5 (21 Minutes)


Here I'll talk you through how to use this support software as an administrator. This includes:

  • How to respond to outstanding tickets.

  • How to set up the knowledgebase with common answers.

  • How to manage users.

Video 6 (16 Minutes)


In this video I'll show you where to go (24 hours a day) for technical support and software updates. And it's all free ...

Video 7 (15 Minutes)


Here I'll talk you through in detail how to install the second of these two support scripts.

Video 8 (9 Minutes)


In this video you'll be introduced to how to start using this support software.

Video 9 (10 Minutes)


Here I'll talk you through how to use this support software as an administrator and respond to customer issues.

Video 10 (5 Minutes)


In this video I'll show you how to fully customize this script including the emails it sends out.

Compatible With Your Computer

So that you can view these videos successfully, I've made them available in Flash format. This means that you can view them within your web browser on pretty much any computer.

And you can even download the videos to watch offline at your leisure.


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