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From: Louis Allport
Tuesday, 6:51 pm

Dear Internet Friend,

Do you:

  • Want your visitors to spend more time at your site?

  • Want more repeat visitors?

  • Want to support your visitors and customers easily without having to deal with a flood of email?

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If you've answered Yes to any of those questions, read on ...


Having An Online Forum Is Great, But ...

Having a forum on your website is a great way to interest, entertain and support your visitors and customers.

It can be a big incentive for them to stick around and keep coming back to you for months and years to come.

However - there's two big problems with running an online forum:

Problem One -- forums can be VERY complicated to set up. For example - a forum I ran for a year took around a month of work to get live.

Problem Two - forum software can be expensive, and the longer you keep your forum going and the more interest it gets, the more it can cost you!

And unless you're prepared to spend a LOT of your hard earned income on "techies" and the latest software, you could find yourself at a real loss for options when considering starting a forum.

However, here is a solution for you:

How To Get World Class Forum Software For Free

In How To Start And Run An Online Forum For Free I'll talk you through two world class pieces of forum software, which amazingly are both free.

These popular and proven pieces of software are used by tens of thousands (probably hundreds of thousands) of websites all over the internet.

Even the US Government uses this software for some of it's websites!

Not Technical? Not A Problem!

I'll also talk you through step by step exactly how to quickly install and start working with these two pieces of software. You can then choose which of the two you prefer to use.

Even if you're not very technical that's fine since I'll talk you through each step.

However, before you start you should know how to upload files to your website and how to do basic editing of text files. If you've worked with scripts before - even better.

But you certainly won't be left on your own! Both these scripts are fully supported, and I'll show you where to go for 24 hour support.


You Get 149 Minutes Of Exclusive Coaching Videos

In "How To Start And Run An Online Forum For Free" you get a total of well over two hours of exclusive coaching videos ... revealing exactly how to install, configure and work with these incredibly powerful and proven forum scripts, so that you'll never need to pay a penny for adding and maintaining a forum on your sites.

This coaching comes in the form of 10 videos you view on your computer. I've included a full list for you here and what each one is about:

Video 1 (6 Minutes)


In this video you'll be introduced to the two different types of forum software.

Video 2 (9 Minutes)


In this video I'll talk you through where to find and download for free the latest versions of the forum software.

Video 3 (33 Minutes)


Here I'll talk you through step by step exactly how to install the first of these pieces of forum software.

I'll also show you how to solve common issues you may come across during the installation process.

Video 4 (7 Minutes)


In this video you'll discover how to administer the forum you've just installed:

I'll show you how to keep your forum secure from hackers, and how to quickly delete posts and topics to help keep your forum clean and helpful.

Video 5 (7 Minutes)


Here I'll talk you through how to start installing the second of the two pieces of forum software.

And even though this forum software is incredibly powerful, the installation is in fact a very straight forward process as you'll see.

Video 6 (10 Minutes)


In this video I'll continue talking you through how to quickly and easily install this forum software:

I'll show you how to easily set up a database so you can begin configuring your forum.

Video 7 (22 Minutes)


Here I'll start talking you through how to administer and manage this forum software.

And even though this software offers a huge amount of features, I'll talk you through every step so you can very quickly be up and running successfully.

Video 8 (33 Minutes)


In this detailed video you'll see how to manage even more aspects of the forum software - including adding graphics to the forum, how to set up moderators ... and much more!

Video 9 (14 Minutes)


Here I'll talk you through how to quickly get used to managing and running this kind of forum.

Video 10 (7 Minutes)


In this video I'll show you where to get support, help, upgrades, and advanced features for these forums ... for free!

Compatible With Your Computer

So that you can view these videos successfully, I've made them available in Flash format. This means that you can view them within your web browser on pretty much any computer.

And you can even download the videos to watch offline at your leisure.


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Diane C. Hughes
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