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The question that always comes up is “do I need to buy anything else” The answer is no. Basically, I am a tightwad and don’t like spending money if I don’t have to. I let you know where you can find the same free tools that I use. I recommend some programs that cost money, you may already have them, if you don’t it’s not a requirement., the tips and techniques still work.

Does it work? Example 1: I created a ebook a few months ago. Using these methods, not only was it listed in Google within 48 hours, it was and still is Number 1. I will show you it in the report. Example 2: I will show you exactly how to come up with an original domain name, register it, set up the web account and have it live in less than an hour.

You can use these methods for building sites from scratch or you can use them on sites you already own. These techniques can be used on one site or 100 sites.

"You can keep spending $97 on every new widget or plan that comes along or you can stick to the basics and use the tips and techniques that actually work. Stop following the herd chasing push button promises and magic bullets."

So, How Much Is This Report Worth?

How much is your time worth? You can spend days and weeks spinning your wheels trying to come up with an idea, building a website and hoping and praying it will get indexed or you can use the tips and techniques in this report and put the whole process on speed dial. I am not handing you a magic template on a silver platter. I am giving you tips and techniques that will reduce your time in creating and indexing your website.

This report is all meat and potatoes, no fluff, no BS. Just the facts, tips and techniques that have been working very well for me. No dancing around what might work, I am telling you what works and how to do it. I guarantee you will learn tips and techniques that will help you with your online business.

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