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From: Brett Ingram
RE: Viral Opt-in List Growth with Advanced Techniques


Dear Future Internet Millionaire:

Imagine someone showing you the same advanced list-building techniques the Pro's use to build Massive opt-in lists and turn them into money machines.  The bigger your list, the more money you make on every offer.

Imagine someone saying, "Here are 18 ways to do it," and any ONE of those ways can double your results.  What would happen if you used all 18?

Well, your imagination is going to become a reality right here, right now.

Fact: The #1 source of income and profits for Internet marketers is their opt-in list of subscribers.   It's not flashy web pages.   It's not new, innovative products.  And it's not mass advertising all over the Web. 


Experts estimate that 95% of all Money made online is generated from opt-in lists of subscribers


So, what's your best investment to make profits online? 

The exciting idea behind opt-in list building is that it doesn't matter.

- it doesn't matter who you are or what your "experience level" is.
- it doesn't matter what "niche" or target market you're devoted to.
- it doesn't matter what you're currently doing to make money online.

I don't care if you're a 19 year old college student or a 92 year old grandma that likes to knit quilts.  If you've got an Internet business or want to start one...if you market your own products or are promoting others' as an affiliate...then I can show you how to build a massive subscriber list you can use like a cash machine. 


So, just answer one question...

How much money do you want to make?
Go ahead, name your amount,
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"18 Advanced Techniques to Virally Supercharge Your Opt-in Signups & Skyrocket Your List without Breaking the Bank" shows you 18 proven ways to build your opt-in list faster than you've ever thought possible.

Any ONE way is worth $1,000s because each and every new subscriber is cash in your pocket--for a lifetime!  Think about it: everyone who "opts-in" to your list is giving you permission to email offers and make sales for life!

And you get all 18 Advanced Techniques, including:

"18 Advanced Techniques to Virally Supercharge
Your Opt-In Signups & Skyrocket Your List
...without Breaking the Bank"

*Not available ANYWHERE else on the Internet!

  • The deadly mistake that 99% of list builders make that robs them of hundreds or thousands of signups (Technique #1)

  • The unfortunate misunderstanding that keeps most list builders spinning their wheels and wasting time and money (Technique #2)

  • The 5 things your signup page must have to squeeze 100% out of your web traffic & maximize your signups (Technique #3)

  • The simple, 5-minute setup tool that will instantly double or triple your new signups without changing anything (Technique #9)

  • The "big secret" behind all viral list building, and the amazing way to automate the process (Technique #11)

  • The "hidden goldmine" of resources you can use for free, that can literally explode your viral list building (Technique #12)

  • The virtually unknown, untapped source of promotion that gets your ad in front of 100,000s, with no competition, for pennies (Technique #15)

  • The powerhouse "combo" technique that grows your list virally, on autopilot, even while you're asleep! (Technique #18)



If you want to grow your online business and, ultimately, the profits you can actually spend each month, then this might be the best investment you can make.

And to make sure you feel 100% secure, I will give you a full 90-day guarantee.

My promise to you: If, for any reason you don't feel you made at least 10 times your cost out of this program, contact me and I will gladly refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.



"18 Advanced Techniques to Virally Supercharge Your Opt-In Signups & Skyrocket Your List without Breaking the Bank"™

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Very simple.  I am developing several products for advanced Internet marketing.

Those products are only useful to people who are having some success and looking to take it to the next level.  By helping you make some profit, I show you the value my products offer AND I help "create" a bigger target market for my new stuff.

(I also feel great about helping others, but that's so overused and mis-stated in online offers, and I have more respect for you than to feed you some line to make a sale.)

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* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.



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