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From: Your Name Here

Dear Frustrated Reseller,

Are things not working out for you? Are you feeling hopeless that you can't even sell a product that you have bought your Resell Rights to and cover your initial investment?

Or you are beginning to doubt that you have made the right choice in choosing the product with Resell Rights in the first place - for all you know, you might have made the wrong investment.

Perhaps, you get to sell a few copies of the digital product off your web site but feel that the original product author is secretly stealing YOUR customers without crediting you and to this day, you are still asking yourself, "How on Earth is THAT possible?!"

The very thought of all these is ready to make you scream and let your frustration out!

I feel you.

My name is Your Name Here and I know what it's like to be in such a situation where you are given an opportunity to make money yet you can't seem to do it right. As if that wasn't bad enough, the sight of those who are having the time of their life making their money from the Resell Rights business makes you feel envious... and discouraged.

Well, it's time for you to stop feeling sorry for yourself and join the fun side for a change... right about Now!

But How?

You would definitely love to join the ranks of successful resellers (who in his right mind wants to lose anyway?) but you don't even have a clue of what they are doing that you could follow.

You've finally accepted to follow what ACTUALLY works rather than to try creating your own brand or way of doing things because you've also learned that guessing is one of the least smartest thing to do - especially in business.

You're so sick and tired of going around in circles like a hungry lion in a pit hole, and you're hoping for someone from the ranks of the super resellers to share the HOT tips with you.

Tips that can improve your Resell Rights business quickly.

Tips that you can use to implement ingenious concepts without exerting yourself in the process.

Tips that can save you money from some of the worst investments in Resell Rights.

Tips that can make you money with other people's products (no, this is not about becoming an affiliate).

Tips that can multiply the money you make with the same product.

Tips that you don't hope to hear again from other average resellers who are passing them around like a deadly virus that makes other victims just as average.

Well, you can stop hoping now because it's FINALLY here.




122 Tips, Letter-Sized, PDF Format

Here's What You Will Discover In

  • Discover several ways of what you can do and benefit from Resell Right products to the max that you probably have not even thought of.

    Find out how you can use all the products with Resell Rights at your disposal to the maximum. You will come to find that you don't have to necessarily sell EVERY Resell Rights product you have to succeed yet squeeze their potentials to the fullest in your pursuit of Resell Rights success!

  • What to look in a product with Resell Rights before purchasing so that you can benefit and profit to the maximum!

    Discover the BEST places to look for quality products with Resell Rights and how to analyze the investment like a super reseller without having to buy to try out. To the average reseller, good deals and bad deals look the same!

  • Learn the tell-tale signs if a Resell Rights product was created to benefit YOU or not.

    Most average resellers just look at the quality aspect of the product alone. Discover other aspects that super resellers look at before purchasing a Resell Rights product so that they can win even more in the long run! Learn to develop an X-Ray vision into the product to see if the product was created to benefit everyone or JUST the AUTHOR only!

  • Discover how you can establish powerful Joint Ventures with other partners even IF your name is NOT on the product.

    An average reseller would complain about failed Joint Venture establishments and blame the fact that the product is not made in their name. Find out why this is a hogwash excuse and how you can strike up successful Joint Venture deals using products with Resell Rights - even though they don't have your name on!

  • Find out the effective ways of marketing that the average reseller do not know or do.

    Learn marketing methods that work in your favor rather than against you - some of them being methods you might not even have thought of in the first place!

    Also, learn the ugly truth about some of the most lousy marketing methods that swallowed everyone's time, money and effort - gurus included!

  • Gain an edge over your competing resellers who are selling the same product as you are with little extra effort - even if your competitors are in the thousands!

    Find out why this is the case and I would also like to take this chance to dispell some myths about Resell Rights to you. You will be relieved after finding out that some of your worries are actually baseless fears!

  • And much, much, more!

The good stuff explained but...

Why Should You Listen To What I Have To Say?

I will let others tell you why.

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122 POWER TIPS FOR RESELLERS contains tips, methods and strategies that I have religiously collected from studying successful TOP resellers, their ingenious concepts and activities, interviewing some of them behind the electronic walls of E-mail, implementing them myself - and even discovering some of them by pure accident!


  • You're tired of being stuck in the same pit hole and are ready to join the ranks of the TOP resellers.

  • You dread listening to the same tips that never work that are circulating on the Internet. You aren't going to fall for the same jibba-jabba twice!

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  • You are looking to get rich FAST - which you won't find in this book anyway.

    I don't know you or even your work ethics for that matter. For all I know, you may buy this book and do NOTHING with it. I can show you the right direction but I am NOT going to do the walking for you. Are you required to carry someone who asks you for the right direction to the supermarket?

  • You judge the book by the number of tips or pages it has.

    The book contains only 122 tips - because it is hype-filtered and straight to the point, You get only all the NECCESARY information you need to know on improving and profiting from your Resell Rights business. Sure, there are many other books out there on the same subject that have several hundreds of pages in them but these bloated materials contain non-practical information which makes it useless all together. Is that what you really want?

There's no mistaking it now. 122 practical tips are staring at you now. And you know that there is power behind them. Is this going to be responsible for making you the next successful reseller?

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P.S. 122 POWER TIPS FOR RESELLERS contain insights, tips and tricks that the average reseller don't know. With 122 practical methods and strategies at your finger tips, you need not spend years of trial and error like other TOP Internet Entrepreneurs who started out in the early with no one to guide them! This is your chance to be smarter than me or them for that matter - learn from OUR mistakes!

P.P.S. I bring you all the ingenious tips a reseller can use to work smartly and fold his profit powers in 122 POWER TIPS FOR RESELLERS. It's the result of my own trial and error, discovering power tips by pure accident and learning from some of the Top Internet Entrepreneurs - information that you won't find in their books. I've been using them myself and have avoided the thought of sharing them with anyone up until now... so you can't call me stingy!

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